Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Six Months

Ella is six months old today!

It is amazing to me for two reasons.

The first is because it doesn't seem like it's been half a year since we entered the hospital and left with a baby. Some of those details are still so vivid (and not just the painful ones) and when they start to get fuzzy I lie in bed and make Eric remind me of those moments where we went from two kids to two parents.

The second is that it feels like she's been a part of my life all along, and I guess in someways she has. I always knew I wanted to be a mother and many years ago I had a distinct, unforgettable experience where I realized I would have a daughter some day. And now, here she is, my little baby girl growing so fast I can't hardly take it.

When I knew I'd have a daughter someday, I began writing journal entries with her in mind. And with the craziness of having a baby and moving and getting school done, I've definitely slacked on my journal writing, but there are things I want to make sure to write down so that I can share it with her someday. And because I'm on the computer all the time anyway, I think I'll probably end up writing those things down here first. So, from time to time you might see a little blog post that doesn't mean much to you, but I hope someday it'll mean something to El.

Here's what you should know about Ella Maur Lougee today....

Weight: 16 lbs 6 oz. (according to a bathroom scale)
Nicknames: Baby Bear, Ella Belle, Elza, Ellie, Elzarooski, Baby Girl
Recent Milestones: Sitting up on her own

She is still a feisty, active, alert little girl. People continue to use these phrases to describe her, "alert," "big blue eyes" and "beautiful." She is very observent and curious, constantly looking around, examining her hands, tasting anything she can put in her mouth. Her favorite thing to do is bounce in her exersaucer and she'll even practice when she's being held. She loves to snuggle her burp rags - I guess they are like mini-blankies. She's also fascinated by dogs and loves smiling at the boys already! And, I think thanks to her daddy, she now growls when she "talks." But, it's pretty darn cute.

Love my baby girl.