Sunday, February 24, 2013

Big Girls Do Cry

So, we put Ella in this dress she got for her birthday (I had been trying to wait until Easter, but I just couldn't any longer) and she looked like such a big girl I decided to take some pictures. 

Well, she hardly cooperated. She would barely smile and then she decided she didn't like the dress any more and wanted it off. 

I've got proof. 

Yes, this was a throw back your head kind of fit. 

Everything's the worst.

And just so you don't think this diva behavior only happened today, a photo from a walk we took about a week ago. 

I said no photos!!!

Saturday, February 2, 2013

Down by the river

The sun has been teasing us this week in Eastern Oregon. It keeps suggesting that Spring is almost here, and even the groundhog said it was, but being a native Eastern Oregonian, I know better. However, we sauntered out to Riverside Park today with Ella. It's the first time we have taken her since we left Hermiston almost a year ago. 

Here are the results: 

Spring won't truly hit Eastern Oregon until May, but it was fun to pretend anyway!