Monday, September 29, 2008

Pickle Me Pink

First apartment photo!

We were all standing around the kitchen, eating some of Kate's pickles last night, and Kara decided we needed a photo. So here it is. From the left, that's Me, Kate, Neisah, and Kara. For cute! The best part is that I dripped pickle juice on Kate's shoulder and you can see it in this picture.

Saturday, September 27, 2008


In my Communications 101 class we had a guest lecturer come in and speak to us about his experiences and ideas with print journalism. Among many thought provoking things he mentioned was that blogging can affect the perceived objectivity of readers/audiences of you as a journalist. So, I'm going to be a bit more careful about what I post in regards to politics, so that something doesn't come back to bite me in the butt in ten years or twenty. But, Grandpa Lee sent out a bunch of Palin political cartoons and I found this one quite great:

I think this cartoon is fairly balanced and fairly funny.

I have a blog for my Principles of Journalism class, at Basically we are just supposed to blog about things in the news, classes, life, etc., that might affect us as journalists. It might be boring to some of you, but you can check it out if you so desire.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

It just keeps getting better and better...

My title is full of sarcasm.

First, I couldn't go skydiving because of the wind.

Then, Tuesday, when I got home from the gym, I noticed that my left ankle bone looked like a large grade A egg compared to my right ankle. And it was starting to feel sore. I was confused because I hadn't twisted my ankle or anything. Then by the end of the day, it started looking like my last ankle problem. By Thursday afternoon a large portion of my foot was stiff, red, and very swollen. My doctor and roommate, Kara, told me I had to get it looked at by a real Doctor. This was distressing because I was uninsured and had been for about a year.

We went up to the school health center, where I first signed up for the school health insurance (204 bucks, yuck!), then went down to the urgent care clinic downstairs. The doctor saw my foot and immediately moved me to another room where she proceeded to shine a light on my elevated foot, swab it with iodine, tell me to lay back and then first sliced off my scab from a really old blister that I thought was almost healed. Well, that hurt like a mo, but I handled it. THEN she took out a clicky knife (like a ball point pen only with a sharp blade at the end) and stabbed deep into the already VERY tender area. Oh, it hurt. But don't worry, she did it again, deeper. I squealed a little bit, but I didn't cry. Then she bandaged me up, prescribed me two antibiotics, and instructed the nurse to give me a shot in the bum. I also was ordered to use crutches, put heat on my ankle, and stay off if it as much as possible, keeping it elevated where possible. And instructed to come back in the morning.

Turns out I have a staph infection. I guess those are bad. Let me tell you what is worse, crutches. I am bruised and battered from them.

This morning I went in again and the doctor said my swab came back positive for MRSA staph, a string of staph that is highly resistant to antibiotics. So the nurse gave me another shot.

The worst news was that both of the doctors who saw me highly suggested that I not go to Denver. So I didn't go today, Doctor, Mother, Roommate all told me I couldn't. I cried. I was way dissapointed. A once in a lifetime oppurtunity I had to pass up, plus letting down the College Republicans leadership. I'm bitter.

Then, only consoled by the idea of catching the premiere of Grey's Anatomy tonight, I sat upon the couch waiting. Don't worry our cable is out, so I couldn't watch it. I told you, it just keeps getting better and bettter...

Pray I don't lose my foot or leg. I have a new appreciation for Joseph Smith Jr.'s childhood leg problems....the cutting open, the crutches, the pain! Okay, I'm done....but not adverse to outside pity.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

17 and Slides

Our youngest roommate, Neisah, turned 18 on the 18th. We made her a cake. Well, actually our roommate Kate made her cake, but the rest of us knew about it! Neisah is cute, and fun to have around. We usually call her "Baby Nees!" and Kate, "Grandma Kat," because she is turning 25 next month. They are room roommates, seperated by almost 7 years, and are my two blonde amigas.

Friday, the 19th, I met up with Steph and Morgan in Park City. We went down the alpine slide, which I've never experienced before. I also helped Morgan do some clothes shopping. It was a fun little day.

The Day I Was to Fall From the Sky....

I woke up feeling anxious, but excited. That kind of feeling where you have those flappy butterflies in your stomach, but your brain is smiling, and your body is trying not to throw up on your feet.

Reminded of the small airplane ride up to the jumping space, I had popped two Dramamine after a breakfast of a banana and a small cup of cereal.

I stood in front of the mirror three different times with three different outfits. Morgan made the comment, "You're going skydiving Lexy." I settled on some dark jeans, my nike running shoes, and a red t-shirt from my elementary school. Hair down and undone.

I jumped behind the wheel of my steadfast Focus. Dug through my CD's and popped in Garth Brooks' Live Hits. A few miles and a little Callin' Baton Rouge later, we were at the dinky airport. The warm wind whipped my hair in my face. I gave up and decided only to partially see what could be the last few moments of my life.

Morgan walked into the dome-like structure where we were supposed to learn how to jump out of a plane from 13,000 feet.

Suci, McLain, Mckinna, and Ethan drove up in the dark Dodge Stratus, fresh from dragging main in the little town of Toole. As they piled out -- Mac with a mischievious grin his face, a Mt. Dew in hand -- Morgan walked back from the dome, a pained look on her face. Bad news. It was "too windy."

Shortly thereafter a man came over the loudspeaker telling the few crazies about to risk their lives, that their thrill would have to wait at least another hour.

By then the Dramamine was doing it's thing, knocking me out. I reclined my seat in the car, put on my eye mask and was in and out for the next hour and 15 minutes. At 12:15 Morgan came back with the final world, there wouldn't be any skydiving today, though we were welcome to reschedule.

So I didn't fall from the sky. It was disapointing. The kind of disapointing that is hard to describe in words. We had told folds of people about our plans for a little thrill. Now we had to field questions about our almost experience.

I like to place blame on my Grandma. Mom told me she didn't even want to be by the phone in fear she would get a call about something terrible. She was hoping something would happen and we wouldn't jump. Turns out a cooler weather system decided to blow in Grams. Thanks. Didn't know your faith was that strong.... ;-)

We will try again...maybe come spring??

Friday, September 19, 2008

My Last Will and Testament

Just in case something goes terribly arie tommorrow morning (the official jump appointment is 11am).

I have some money in the bank, but the government might want that. If they don't, give me a GRAND memorial service. I want Garth Brooks and CCR played at my service. Also, the non-hymn "Come thou fount." Whoever in the family wants to speak, please do, it might also be good if Kara B spoke...oh and somebody tell Jordan.

I want to be buried in the Summerville Cemetary, a place I've picked out for my mom. It is on a slight slope and is absolutely amazing when the sun is rising (Thank you early morning Oregonian paper route).

Zoey can have my laptop and any of my clothes. Riley can have my bear. Mom can have all my jewels. If someone wants to take over my car payments, then fine. Otherwise, sell it....

Max can have my digital camera. I have a little ipod shuffle that whoever can duke it out...Eli perhaps?

Kylee, always best friends....even if we never talk, ha!

Kara, hang on to the principles of the Sisterhood and know that what you most desire will be yours.

Teresa, keep making me laugh.

Crystal, I broke up with Randy, I keep forgetting to write and tell you.

Morgan, cousins, sisters, friends.

Family, I love you a lot, sometimes so much I forget. Thanks to all the aunts and uncles who've supported me, cheered me on, and laughed at me. I also know that it is in great part because of you that I've become the person I am, with the goals I've had, and the things I know. Of the things I know is that God is our Father, His son is our personal Savior, our brother and our friend. Temples are the house of God, where families are united for eternity. Joseph Smith indeed was and is a Prophet of God, President Monson is our Prophet today. The Book of Mormon is the word of God, the fruit of eternal life, another testament of Jesus Christ. The Bible is also the word of God and a testament of our Father, our Savior, and those who've paved the way of faith, obedience and perseverence.

Speaking of temples....could you possible take out my endowments ASAP? With as many of you as can be there? Like a little family reunion? I know this seems morbid, but you never know! Love you all. Mom, you've been a strong, brave, unselfish mother, who has turned into my bestfriend. Zoey, Max, Riley, Eli...don't forget me, don't forget that I loved you more than I ever knew you could love four obnoxious rugrats.....

Peace out, a-town.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Simple Pleasures

Today I was driving in my car listening to "Redneck Girl" by the Bellamy Brothers, sipping on contraband (Diet Pepsi), with the windows down, looking at the mountains with the trees and brush starting to change, taking in the last moments of summer heat. I was so content in the moment! It truly is the little moments that make a lifetime.

On to other news...Riley's baptism has been moved to October 18th, for all those who aren't in the know. I was a little frustrated at first, but it seems that Grandpa will be able to make it that weekend, and on the upside I might get to go to Bend, Oregon the previous weekend with the RNC to get out the vote.

I am going skydiving on Saturday. I don't want to talk about it too much cuz it freaks me right out!

In one week I am going to Denver with the RNC to get people to vote in the pivitol swing state of Colorado. I am excited, a state I've never been too. I've been making calls trying to get folks on the "all-expense-paid trip to Denver" bandwagon...

Gotta go do stuff or something...Peace.

Monday, September 8, 2008

Sarah America!

Gotta love 'er.

The Art of Crime

Saturday evening Kara and I decided to sit down and write to our friend Brenton who is serving a mission in New Mexico. Well, to tell the whole truth, she and Brenton were dating for about 8 months before he left.... He hasn't been great at writing her, about once a month, and he's only been gone since May! So we decided to make them like death threats, or ransom notes, or whatever... It took a couple hours Saturday night and then an hour Sunday afternoon for us to finish.
Oh, and my foot is infected from a blister....go figure! And it sucks...(it is hard to see in this pic at this angle, but it's my left heal area).

Sunday was an exciting day! We had a regional conference where 135 stakes gathered at the Marriott Center (our basketball stadium) and other buildings to hear from President Uchtdorf and President Packer. They were both good, though I especially appreciated Uchtdorf's message. He asked us to ponder on two questions:

What are you doing to increase your faith?
What are you doing to strenghthen marriage and family?

He also encouraged everyone to have a current temple reccommend.

One poignant moment came when the congregation sang "Redeemer of Israel." I can't even explain to you what it sounds like to have 23,000 people on their feet singing the words to this powerful hymn.

Later in the evening Elder Holland addressed young LDS adults at the Marriott Center and across the world. He gave a beautiful discourse on trails and afflictions, tying into Joseph's experience at Liberty jail. A few of points that stood out to me:
  • We can have profound sacred, spiritual experiences during our own "Liberty Jail" times.

  • Every experience can become a redemptive experience if we remain bonded to our Heavenly Father.

  • When suffering we may in fact be nearer to God than at any other times.

  • The path of Salvation has always, one way or another, gone through Gethsemane.
  • The true test of our faith and discipliship is during our trials and afflictions

He then gave an apostalic blessing to all within the sound of his voice, that was so filled with the Spirit, and so sincere, it brought tears to my eyes. To cap of a great message, the Chior sang a beautiful hymn based off of verses in Isaiah.

It was a spiritual feast, that I feel so blessed to have regularly.

Saturday, September 6, 2008

My Apartment

Due to popular demand, here is my floor plan of my apartment, and photos....


The entryway, with our cowgirl hats...
The dining/kitchen area...
My living room...

The otherside of my living room, our bookshelf, and vaulted ceilings...

The bathroom, the sink, vanity and mirror are seperated from the toilet and shower. The shower is the least scary shower I've ever had! Except for the occasional spider that comes through the window...
My bed, and the bookshelf I bought to put my clothes on...
My desk area, it's not as cluttered as it looks....!
Our closet is in need of much help at this point...

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Bloody Shoes

With the start of a new semester came a renewed exercise routine. Kara's friend Nathan, works in Park City as a manager at the Nike outlet. He hooked me up with some new discounted running shoes. I christianed them with my blood during my first work out.
(notice the blood on the heals?)

School is going well, I am actually pretty excited about my classes, three of them being communications/journalism classes. One teacher today commented that if you are in this major you should be addicted to news. I was like, ha! I am! He said if there was one addiction the church allowed it was to the news. Anyway, I walked home today wondering what the hell I'd been doing for the last three years?? At first I thought, "What a waste!" But, if I hadn't taken this path to get here, I don't think I'd be nearly as appreciative of the path I'm on now....