Friday, March 30, 2007

Stress Therapy

I'm alive! Good news, yes? Wow, this week has flown by! I was uber productive the first three days of the week. I wrote three different papers, etc. The downside was that I ate like crap. My diet was that of tortilla chips, medium salsa, peanut M&M's, and diet pepsi. I even ate some of my roomie's pizza. To tie it all together I only went to the gym Monday morning. Finally I hit the gym Thursday evening and this morning and plan to hit it tomorrow evening after work and everyone is out having fun (the best time to go by the way). But the downside is that I haven't done homework since Wednesday night....bad girl Lexy.

Tomorrow is my last day of work, it's madness! Nothing is setting in. Not that I have to sell back my books Monday, or that that is the last day I will attend classes at BYU-Idaho, or that I have to clean and pack up my whole friggin' room, or that I won't be working at Old Navy #6166 anymore, or that I still have mounds of homework left to do....someone slap me with reality please!

I went on a shopping spree of sorts. First of all I really needed some new workout shoes. So I went to LadyFootlocker. I bought some hot pumas. And some nike shorts on sale, and got free sole inserts. I will include a picture of my cute little shoes, but the picture isn't quite acurate as the striping on mine are teal, with the gray filled in.... I also bought stuff at Gap (jeans, shirt, jacket), AE(skirt), and my store(skirt, I was in the mood ;-).... Lots of money just went down the drain, but I don't feel bad about any of it!!! Can you say, "Stress therapy?!"

Anyway, I better get to bed. I am excited for work tomorrow. I am excited for the week to begin, even with all its stressors. Peace out home dogs. Peace out.

Wednesday, March 21, 2007


Well, Sunday night I was absolutely dreading my week. I almost started crying when I was talking to my mom on Sunday night. I just knew that so much was happening within the next week, two weeks, three weeks and I wasn't wanting to buck up and face it.... But then the week began and it has been a pretty swell one. Here are some reasons why:

1.) I did the best I have done on a psych test, then my teacher added on a seven point curve, excellent!
2.) My Poli Sci teacher moved our Map quiz from Monday to Wednesday.
3.) My psych teacher moved our paper that was due this week, to next week. That means two papers in that class will be due, but still!
4.) I had a pop quiz in psych and got 9/10, my best yet!
5.) I got 150 out of 150 on my first big psych paper! I might just pull a B out of there this semester, can you say "miracle?"
6.) I got an e-mail from my Grandpa Lee in California. I haven't seen that guy in so long, it was good to hear from him.
7.) I heard from miss Kylee Roo! She had relieving news....
8.) I ate Asparagus with garlic pasta last night, it was delicious!
9.) I ate a banana with my cereal this morning, almost as good as last night's dinner.
10.) I don't have to give a mega huge presentation in my Geography class until Monday, still stressed, but at least I have the weekend!
11.) I took the map quiz in poli sci and think I pretty much aced it!
12.) Our temple trip on Thursday was canceled, a big bummer, but at least I can watch Grey's!! (George and Lizzie? But I love Callie O'Malley!)
13.) I've already been to the gym three times this week!
14.) There are only 8 days of classes left, whoa!
15.) I only work twice this week, which is bad cuz I need the money, but better because I need the spare time.
16.) I bought some jeans shorts tonight at work!
17.) I only have one more week of work after this week....
18.) I will be on the road home in less than 16 days, dang, so much to do before then...

Beautiful, right?

Friday, March 16, 2007

Midnight Margaritas!!!

This is going to be a random post I believe...I am just trying to tick away my time until I have to head to work. I worked last night, tonight, and then tomorrow 11-4. Luckily I only have two weeks left after this! My weekend won't be a real weekend at all. Last weekend was pretty good! Let me tell you about one incident.....

Saturday around 11:30 pm I was sitting on my bed on my computer, as usual. I heard some really soft taps against my window. I am on the second floor and no trees are in the immediate vicinity. I thought, "Gosh, the wind must be really blowing!" So I looked outside and there were Morgan and her room mate Anastasia. They were throwing pebbles at my window. I opened my window and Anastasia serenaded me quite loudly. I've never been serenaded before, too bad it wasn't an actual love interest at my window!

After her beautiful singing they bombarded my apartment. I had to pretend to be asleep so that Morgan could pet my nose to wake me up.... If you haven't seen Practical Magic with Nicole Kidman and Sandra Bullock then you should see it because this is where this is coming from... After I "woke up" we started blending Margaritas. They had brought all this stuff up to my kitchen and we made a grand mess. They were delicious when done though! We played the song that plays in the movie during their margaria drinking. We danced around all crazy with margaritas in hand. It was so much fun! Then we stayed up talking until 3am, well actually it was 2am but daylight savings happened. That was a big highlight of my week and my semester. Good memories..... I just got some of the pictures, so I will post some.

I have two weeks left of classes and then one week of finals. Yeehaw! I have a lot to get done, but my mom has kindly reminded me to just take each day one at a time.

I sent in my taxes today!!! I had first gone into a place here in town, Liberty Tax, they said there was a student discount. I walked in, it smell like old mold. Then the lady "tax preparer" came in wearing a mexican restaurant polo shirt. She had awful teeth and gums (can you say Dentist?). I am sure she was nice, but I did not feel competent with her doing it. Luckily the consultation was free. To actually file my taxes (in two states and with the fed) it would have cost me 100 bucks! Then my greatest guy friend ever told me he would happily do my taxes. So I sent them to Jordan the next day, he did everything for me, including post its for where to sign and date, as well as three seperate envelopes already adressed with the papers in them. Pretty much Jordan is my hero! I should get a nice little chunk of money back. It will come at a perfect time because, April I will start out jobless and still have bills to pay.

At work we have so much stuff in for spring! Weather has been pleasent for Rexburg, but still not in the sixties like back in LG. I need to buy some shorts for my impending arrival home.... among other things I really want to buy before I get outta this dump, just kidding.... but not really.

So I've reached a goal weight I've had for a couple years now! It is so exciting, yet I don't think it has really set in. I have another goal weight, but I'm trying to celebrate this victory without getting down about the weight I still want to lose. But since July, I've lost 30 pounds! Yay! It is funny though how 3o pounds seems like a lot, but then I look in the mirror and find it hard to see any changes, though I am sure they are there, somewhere... Anyway it has been hard, and I am worried about my return home, but hope that I can maintain this and continue to improve. I really just feel so much healthier. I haven't gotten sick in 2007 yet. I mean I've had random nausea, but it hasn't put me out of my daily routines. I attribute it to the diet, strength training, cardio and increased water intake (along with vitamin water).

I don't think it has set in that I won't be returning to Rexburg to go to school. Even though I'm leaving, I've really appreciated my time here. I have grown and changed emotionally, spiritually, and physically. I feel truly blessed to have had this oppurtunity. I know my Heavenly Father has watched over and guided each of my steps, and trust that He will continue to do so as I move on into new stages of my life.

Monday, March 5, 2007

31 Is the Magic Number

Let me give a recap of my mother's visit to the Brrrg. She arrived Wednesday evening. We got some chow at Wingers. We ate in the same area that Matt, Kylee, Zac, Karli, Blaine and I had ate in. I even saw the round table we sat in and I thought how crazy it was that so much had changed in a year and a half. Then I missed Kylee, so I directed my attention back to my dear mother. Then we hit up "Music and Lyrics" with Hugh Grant and Drew Barrymore. Loved it! Mom and I laughed so hard sometimes.

Thursday after I went to my classes and mom ran some errands we went into Idaho Falls. I had to drive because there are two roundabouts that mom had no idea how to tackle and frankly, I was afraid for my welfare. I introduced her to some of my coworkers that were there, showed her the "shops" as we call them, and the back room with my locker and our break area. In the end my good mother helped me shop for and purchase a little black dress. Then we went to Olive Garden, and left completely stuffed! Then we went over to the Idaho Falls Temple, which I hadn't really seen up close. It was really pretty next to the river, and the snow on the ground, it was one time I appreciated the snow that week. We watched a new film put out by the church on Joseph Smith. It was really well done. Mom and I both cried. I mean regardless of what anybody thinks of our religion, or the man Joseph, he was a good person, they were good people and they didn't deserve to be driven from place to place, extermination orders and angry mobs on their heels. It was a powerful film and it makes me appreciate the religious freedom I now enjoy... That night my aunt Steph rolled into town and we went and got some ice cream at Cold Stone with her and my cousin Morgan. It was an excellent day.

Friday we went to my Political Sciene/International Relations class. I think my mom enjoyed it. Then we went to a bridal/floral show, wasn't too impressive but still fun. Then we met up with Steph and Morgan and got a very filling steak and potatoe dinner at the Hard Hat Steak House. We watched some What Not to Wear, then I tucked Ma into bed and went to the gym.

Mom left Saturday, and I was sad to see her go. I know I will see her shortly, but she was that familiarity of home and people who I love and love me back. It was really good to get that just her and I time. I appreciated her sacrafice in coming up here and sleeping on our hard spare bed.....

Saturday I gave my notice at Old Navy. AHHHHHHHHHH!!!!! It was kind of scary but before I could even think about it I sat down, told Finch (Jen, one of the managers) the developments of recent months, wrote down my intentions, signed my name and went back to work. Everyone has been pretty supportive. They know I am going to BYU in the fall, and some have an idea of the situation at home, so they can understand my decision to leave. I might be able to get on in the fall at the Old Navy in Provo, but we are still working on that.

Today was a beautiful day! The billions of inches of snow seeped into runoff streams down to the valley floor. It was beautiful to watch. I tried to drive my car through puddles just so I could laugh an evil little laugh, as though to show that dang Idaho snow who was boss. Everyone had their driver's side window down, taking in the fresh air. I could feel the tickle of spring in the air and couldn't help but grin. Even my Religion teacher, Brother Satterfield commented that we all needed to pray for bad, horrible weather. Of course we were all disgusted with his comment. He insisted that good weather had a direct correlation with bad grades, and bad grades are just a waste of our money, thus we should pray for bad weather. One kid asked, "Haven't you ever heard of SAD?"....."You know, seasonal affective disorder?!" Before I could even help myself, I said, "Yeah, I have that!" People around me laughed, little do they know the serious affects this disorder has had on my day to day living conditions..... ;-)

Now, I won't be surprised when the swell weather doesn't last. I mean, the day after Easter last year we woke up to seven inches of snow and every summer loving person in Rexburg swore when they looked out their window. Of course, the snow melted within the next two days, and temps were in the sixties by the end of the week. None the less, I am going to enjoy this weather while I can. I am surpisingly happy for how incredibly tired I am!

I should boot scoot. But I will let you know I am working on some political/world affairs stuff to post soon. Just gathering my thoughts in a coherant way. Stay tuned. 31 Days til school is out! "Hurrah for Israel!" ;-)

Saturday, March 3, 2007


Not much to say right now, other then I should really be in bed. It is just after 2am. My mom got here in Rexburg on Wednesday. She's leaving tomorrow and I am suddenly sad. She was my little piece of home. I know I will be there in a month, but I'm still sad. Anyway, that is the reason I should be in bed, because I am sure she will wake me up before I am ready.

I work tomorrow for the first time in a week. I think I will be putting in my notice. I want my last day at Old Navy to be March 31st. That way I can get finals wrapped up as well as packing and tying up other loose ends.

Anyway, I will write more, if anybody cares to know, eventually. I can't believe I'm doing a blog, how silly....