Sunday, December 1, 2013

The Great Christmas Tree Hunt of 2013

Yesterday we headed out on our becoming annual Christmas tree hunt. It was a bit of an adventure. We didn't want to have to drive too far down the freeway, so we tried going up Owesly Canyon first, not realizing they close the road off to motor vehicles from October to March. 

So, feeling slightly defeated, we decided to try the National Forest area by Hilgard. After a few dead ends and a tour of the slightly creepy neighborhood, we found a legitimate forest service road. Taking our chances over mud, ice and some good sized holes in the dirt road, we pulled off and began the search. 

And then Eric found it! She's a prickly little Spruce, but she looks great! 

Ella was pretty interested in the whole sawing the tree down. First she watched to see what dad was doing and then she took the saw cover and went to town. 

Her she is mimicking her pops. 

See her blurry hand? Saw saw saw. 

Nature's tree farm. 

Then she started getting a little impatient. Particularly with me trying to take her picture.

Waiting for Dad and refusing to acknowledge Mom and the camera. 

The proud lumberjack. 

The best thing about our tree? 
It's so prickly I don't see Ella trying to take too many ornaments off!