Thursday, January 31, 2008

My Mom

My Mother e-mailed me a picture she said I could show people. So I am going to do just that. Love yer guts Mom! I miss you!

Monday, January 28, 2008

Another Full Week

It was another full week in the life of one Miss Alexa Lee. All this business has been quite unusual, but I like it.

Monday a group of us went to a Utah Flash basketball team. It was okay. I was kind of cranky and stressed, and things weren't going how I wanted them too. But Jeremy brought me the most INCREDIBLE roses, so that helped brighten the evening.

After a week of papers, reading, and homework I was excited to get a call Thursday from my friend Melanie. We met my freshman year of college and shared an apartment my sophomore year. She and our other friend Chelsea were wanting to go up to Rexburg Saturday to go through the newly completed Rexburg Temple before it was closed to the public and dedicated. She invited me to join them.

So Friday night Jeremy and I went to dinner at the Bombay House, an Indian place, delicious. I love Indian food. Then we went the BYU winter chior fest at this beautiful old tabernacle. We had a really fun night together. Afterward I took off and went up to SLC to stay at Melanie's so we could leave early in the morning. We ended up staying up late talking and didn't get much sleep before the trip.

We left around 7:30am and rolled into Rexburg around 11:30 am. We rolled into the parking lot and the guy directing cars was none other than Christian Bond! He gave me a hug through the window and then sent us on our way. After much delay we finally made our way through the temple. It was gorgeous. The craftsmanship that went into it was amazing, there was no detail overlooked. We had been going to college in Idaho when they started building so it was neat to see the finished product. My favorite parts were the Celestial room, where you are able to contemplate life after this, reuniting with our Heavenly Father, families, and friends. I also enjoyed the sealing room. There are actually five sealing rooms, and these are the rooms where the LDS marriage ceremony is performed. I just imagined me, one day kneeling at the alter, hands joined with my husband, our families around us, reflecting on the eternal promises we would make with one another and God. I actually got a bit emotional in that room. It was a great experience.

Afterward we met up with an old friend, "Jen Dog," Jennifer Doggett, who we knew from school as well. We ate at a Steakhouse, laughed, and caught up. It was an excellent day. After lunch we stopped by Idaho Falls where I ducked into Old Navy to see some old colleagues. Then we drove home, both the trips to and from Rexburg were uneventful, thank goodness. I ended up staying the night in Salt Lake again Saturday night, because, well, I will have to tell you in the next post because I am exhausted! So stay tuned...

Monday, January 21, 2008

A Busy Week

I don't know that anybody reads this, but Mom scolded me for not updating it, and I would rather do this then do the homework that I really should be doing. This past week was jam packed. Monday and Tuesday were full of homework, especially working on my first big paper for my Political Inquiry class. We basically have a paper due each week in that class, so the term will be full of stress, but will probably fly by.

Every Tuesday campus shuts down for an hour and holds a devotional. There is a hymn, prayer, announcements and then a speaker. This week was President Henry B. Eyring. For those who aren't LDS and may be reading this, he is one of our head leaders of the church. I love hearing him speak because he always allows his emotions about the gospel to come to the surface. He is so sincere, and always seems so in tune to the needs of those he is speaking to. This time was no different. He talked about the many trials we face but how we can find deliverance through the Lord. I spilt a few tears and felt so strengthened afterward.

Wednesday I handed in my paper and then celebrated by going to a OneRepublic concert. They sing "Apologize" and actually their whole album is really good. Both my roommates went along with Erin's boyfriend Jake, and Michelle's friend from work Taylor. Plus Kara came and her roommate Randi as a birthday gift. The concert was really great and a nice break.

Friday night a group of us girls went out to eat a Mexican place called Mi Ranchito. It was a celebration dinner for Randi's birthday. I laughed so hard and so much, it was really nice to just be out with a bunch of girls.

Saturday Jeremy and I went up to Sundance. He went boarding and I went skiing. It turned out to be a beautiful day! Perfect weather. The slopes were great, too. I hadn't actually been skiing in years so I was nervous at first, but it came back really quick and I had an amazing time. We took a break and ate the lunch that Jeremy had packed us. It was just a great day to break away and have fun together.

My friend and old roommate Melanie was in town visiting her sister, so we went out to dinner Saturday night and then went back to her sister's where we ate cake and visited some more. By the time 10:30 rolled around I was exhausted and so sore! I forgot how much you use certain muscles when skiing! Here it is Monday and my calves are still recovering.

I didn't get to bed until about 12:30am. I had forgot to set my alarm and so I kept on sleeping until about 10am. My roommates didn't even wake me for church! So I scrambled and just went to church at a buildind down the block and was able to get the sacrament. I did some reading and wrote a bit in my journal, talked to my family. It was a good Sunday afternoon.

Last night I went to ward prayer and then Jeremy and I hung out at his apartment until about 11. It has been a really nice weekend. I just have done zero homework, so that'll kick me in the butt tomorrow. Tonight a group of us are going to a Utah Flash game. They are like the minor league version of the Utah Jazz. Some of the Jazz players play on the team to improve and get experience. It should be fun.

Just when I get caught up on sleep a new week begins.... I can't believe we're in the final stretch of January! Here comes another year!