Sunday, June 26, 2011

Baby Love

Watch this:

It's true! We're pregnant with our first baby and pretty darn excited. We found out two months ago and have been anxiously awaiting to share our news.  We are due January 6th, 2012, but wouldn't mind a December arrival and a little extra tax return $$$.

We are now in our 13th week and on Friday we were able to hear this little Lougee's heartbeat ... which sounded like "swoosh swoosh swoosh."

We will hopefully be finding out what little one is a boy or girl, so place your bets now.

Says, "I love my Ducks,
and My Daddy."

And what we've learned so far about this baby:

It's going to be a Ducks fan, like his/her dad.
Doesn't like when Mom eats bananas, like his/her dad.
And makes Mom nauseas, like his/her dad. Just kidding! But not about the whole feeling nauseas most of the day on most days, part.

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Belated Birthday Blog

Who had a birthday?
This girl! Alexa Lee Lougee.

She turned another year wiser and more beautiful on June 14 (Flag Day), but her dutiful yet sometimes forgetful husband forgot (oops!) to blog it until now! We celebrated with gifts and a strawberry banana blizzard cake from Dairy Queen. She got a set of vinyl records from her Mom, A shopping trip to the tricities and DVD set of How I met you mother season 5 from me, and a goody bag with a bunch of treats from my parents.

A cake fit for a queen!

Monday, June 20, 2011

In The Summertime

As I was uploading these photos Mungo Jerry started playing in my head. Click link for some background music.

Tonight we spent our Family "Home" Evening with some of our favorite folks, Momma Lougee, Holly & Anna.

We bowled two highly competitive games (not at all). We only broke 200 with our combined scores from both games, but it was fun to see Anna's dance moves and Holly bowling in the "depths of despair."

Then we grabbed some delicious sno-cones from The Tiki Hut down at the park. Eric & I now know where we will be spending many a summer eves. They will even put a scoop of vanilla in the bottom of your ice ... delish!

red rasPberry, of course

malibu barbie & slime boy
(these were the names of our flavors, seemed to fit, though, right?) 

Tonight finally felt like the start of summer! I'm much looking forward to it. After all, it's the season Eric and I fell in love, and even though that's kind of cheesy, there's magic to it.

Sorry for the absentee blogging - but I can't promise I'll be much better through the summer! 

Monday, June 6, 2011

S Word

Please take notice of the below pictures.

"Supposably" is not a word. 

Not even when spelled "supposebly." 

So please refrain from saying it. Instead, I think you mean, supposedly. 

Other non-words to avoid saying or spelling.

*definately (it's definitely spelled "definitely - yes, Mom!)
*ezackly (submission from Mrs. Potter)

Feel free to comment other pet-peeving non-words.

No, I'm not a Nazi. I just don't like for you to sound dumb when addressing me or others in public or private. I'm just looking out for you!