Sunday, June 26, 2011

Baby Love

Watch this:

It's true! We're pregnant with our first baby and pretty darn excited. We found out two months ago and have been anxiously awaiting to share our news.  We are due January 6th, 2012, but wouldn't mind a December arrival and a little extra tax return $$$.

We are now in our 13th week and on Friday we were able to hear this little Lougee's heartbeat ... which sounded like "swoosh swoosh swoosh."

We will hopefully be finding out what little one is a boy or girl, so place your bets now.

Says, "I love my Ducks,
and My Daddy."

And what we've learned so far about this baby:

It's going to be a Ducks fan, like his/her dad.
Doesn't like when Mom eats bananas, like his/her dad.
And makes Mom nauseas, like his/her dad. Just kidding! But not about the whole feeling nauseas most of the day on most days, part.


The Wright Family Est. 2006 said...

Congrats! We are expecting Number two and the due date is January 9th! How exciting for you two! I'll place my bet after a few weeks. i have to think about it!

Carly said...

WOO HOOO!!! I am voting GIRL!

leah marie said...

SOOOO excited for you two (three!)!! Congrats congrats congrats!! Xoxo

Carlin said...

Yahoo!!! The video gave me chills!! So happy for you.

Spencer said...

AAAHHHHH!!!! Congrats!!

Anonymous said...

You guys are so cute! Thanks for posting the fun video. I'm so excited for you and now I am not worried that your eggs will rot before you have a baby ;)

morgan said...

Knowing my luck you will have a boy and name him Harrison and I will hate you forever.

njcrofts said...

You are too cute.
The end.