Friday, December 31, 2010

Thailand,Cows, and Lasagna

We have this lovely little Thai restaurant in Hermiston called Taste of Thai. The food is authentic and delicious. One of our favorite things about it are the cow cushion covers on the benches.
After downing an order of Thai salad rolls dipped in peanut and plum sauce, we each had a bowl of curry. mmm mmm.

We were happy and full.

Then a couple of nights later Lexy made Lasagna!!! She is a great cook. The display was great to so I took a picture. We topped it off with a bottle of grape sparkling cider.

Life is good.

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Christmas First

We made a last minute - and by last minute I mean a week before Christmas - decision to head to Central Oregon for Christmas. We stayed with Eric's Grandma Lougee and had Christmas Eve at his aunt Betty Rae's and Uncle Scott's. We ate tacos! This also happens to be a Lee/Leavitt family tradition, so that helped me feel more at home in my first Christmas ever away from my Mom and Sibs. 

We had a good time visiting with the fam, eating good food and opening our spoils. Literally. We spoiled each other, plus our families spoiled us, plus Santa gave us a total of five, FIVE stockings! 

We only wish we could've stayed a little longer to see some more of the cousins who came into town the day we had to leave, Eric covered a shift at work Sunday evening. 

Christmas morning, holding a lavender surprise from 
Riley Roo. 
I'm looking so good here, yes?
 Eric is now a Ukelelist. He's really cool, see?
 Dream come true! A vinyl record player! 
 Grandma Lougee and Eric swap war stories.
Notice her stylin' kicks.
 Eric passing on his ukele props to Cheri Lyn 
(okay, but seriously, doesn't my husband look like a stud muffin rock star?). 
 Uncle Scott helped me with my record player. He's very instruction oriented, I learned. He also bequethed me his whole record collection someday. I got a sampling when he brought over an orignal Byrds album, can't you just hear me singing "Turn turn turn," along with the so sweet crackle of the vinyl?
 In front of Betty Rae's tree. Tender! 

How was your holiday? 

Monday, December 20, 2010

Merry Christmas to All

In the wake of a wedding, honeymoon and fast approaching Christmas - we've gone digital for our first Christmas Card. Hope you all enjoy. We're enjoying family festivities in Umatilla on Wednesday with the Lougees, Boardman on Thursday with the Lee/Leavitt clan and then off to Prineville Friday for some fun with some of the extended family and Grandma Lougee. Both Eric and I are very excited to catch up with the cousins and hot tub at Betty Rae & Scott's! 

In case we don't get another post up before the 25th, we hope you all reach your destinations safely and enjoy and joy filled Christmas with those you love. We are grateful for the birth of our Savior and this special time of year when our hearts become refocused on his life and love for us. 

Merry Christmas! 

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Cookie Hair

We were privileged to have the family here this past weekend to do festive christmas-y things. It was great fun! Saturday morning before they arrived here, Lexy cut my hair. She made me a little nervous, as she was wanting to attempt something a little more daring in only her second time ever cutting hair. But my worries were in vain, the haircut turned out great, and in her
words I looked even stud-lier.

Finally Lexy's family arrived and the fun could ensue. But not so fast because Eli saw my haircut and wanted one just like it. So before any christmas cookie making could begin another haircut was given.

After the haircutting was finished and cleaned up, the cookie making began!

In the picture above Riley is holding one of the one hundred and one cookie cutter set we recieved as a wedding present.

All in all it was a fun day... and luckily no hair was found in any of the cookies.

Another Nugget

Eric is working on an update for the blog, but until that is done I thought I'd give you another little nugget from our wedding pictures.

Look at the expression on his face! I love it.
I don't particularly love the graininess of the photo, but that's how I got it. Then I tweaked it a tad.

Stay tuned for a delightful post regarding hair and cookies, or cookie hair.

Thursday, December 9, 2010

For your viewing pleasure

Here is the slideshow that we only semi-successfully played at our reception (think projector malfunctions and pictures being cut off when shown vertically).

But, please enjoy our little movie.

wooshy gaga

I'm borrowing a term from a good friend's blog and vocabulary. Truth is, I am feeling all wooshy gaga for this guy. I figure I better bask in this post-wedding glow as long as I can. I kind of hope it lasts for forever.

But look at this face. Who doesn't wosh over this?

His eyes are all squinty for a few reasons.
I was blinding him with the flash.
We were laughing.
And he's developing my squinty eye smile.

Soon, hopefully, I'll have more festive photos and perhaps some semi-serious thoughts to share.
And maybe even a post from my studlier half.
But, don't hold your breath for too long.
We're still recovering from it all.

Monday, December 6, 2010

My Wishlist

Aside from world peace and ending hunger, I have a few small things I've got on my wishlist.

The most expensive would be a record player. Yes, in the age of iPods and do-dads, I think one like this would be pretty awesome.

I could also use a pair of mitten gloves, or glove mittens. Gittens? Mloves? It's hard to know. They are my favorite, because mittens keep my fingers the warmest, but this way I can still use my individual digits. Some like these would be pretty swell.

And, finally, on my short little list would be a lint remover. I think everything I own in clothing collects spare hairs and lint. I could spend my entire work day picking stuff off of my favorite wool coat.

Other than that, laughter with family, snuggling with my honey and some hot cocoa are all I really need for a Warm and Bright Christmas.

What about you???

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Lunar Nectar

Wedding pictures are hard. At least to take. And edit. And then post. So, there's a delay in the game. However, we can fast forward to the honeymoon.

The best word to describe our 5 full days in Seaside, Oregon?


I thought we were feeding the seals. 

 Eric likes to say he was pole dancing for me. "But not really."
 This is where I became possessed by something evil, apparently. 

Another stripper pole. Eric has an affinity. But, really it's the Astoria column. It's very tall. And exhaustingly spiraly. Made me dizzy. 

 Thanksgiving Dinner on the coast. Just the two of us. Best idea ever. 

 This is for Grandma, and her sneaker wave tales prior to our departure. 

 Can you tell it was always freezing? Because, it was. 
Tillamook: The story of a man and his jerky.

And that was that. Wish we could be coastal sloths forever.
  Maybe someday.