Thursday, December 9, 2010

For your viewing pleasure

Here is the slideshow that we only semi-successfully played at our reception (think projector malfunctions and pictures being cut off when shown vertically).

But, please enjoy our little movie.


Suzanne said...

Very cute slideshow!
Welcome to the fam, Alexa!
We look forward to meeting you,

Uncle Doug & Aunt Suzanne Lougée, and gang

Anonymous said...

This is your new Aunt Jan. I like the blog and the slideshow. You seem like you'd get along well with my daughter, Sarah- she's a blogging hipster too. It was nice to meet you, and welcome to the family!


Anonymous said...

Ha. That was technically Jan & Sarah. Jan's idea, but Sarah typed it for her (because she is horrible on the computer) and signed it Sarah.

-The real slim Sarah