Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Cookie Hair

We were privileged to have the family here this past weekend to do festive christmas-y things. It was great fun! Saturday morning before they arrived here, Lexy cut my hair. She made me a little nervous, as she was wanting to attempt something a little more daring in only her second time ever cutting hair. But my worries were in vain, the haircut turned out great, and in her
words I looked even stud-lier.

Finally Lexy's family arrived and the fun could ensue. But not so fast because Eli saw my haircut and wanted one just like it. So before any christmas cookie making could begin another haircut was given.

After the haircutting was finished and cleaned up, the cookie making began!

In the picture above Riley is holding one of the one hundred and one cookie cutter set we recieved as a wedding present.

All in all it was a fun day... and luckily no hair was found in any of the cookies.


Spencer said...

Carly and I JUST bought that cookie set from Michael's!!

Spencer said...

And by cookie set I mean cookie CUTTER set :)

Kylee said...

I think Lex did a great job of giving hair cuts. She might need to come and do Greg's for me! Also, I am glad that you put some of those cookie cutters to use. Maybe your goal should be to use all of them in year? I would gladly take some of the cookies :)

morgan said...

Hey thats my sweatshirt lady! Am I ever going to get it back...I feel it's absense in my wardrobe.