Monday, December 6, 2010

My Wishlist

Aside from world peace and ending hunger, I have a few small things I've got on my wishlist.

The most expensive would be a record player. Yes, in the age of iPods and do-dads, I think one like this would be pretty awesome.

I could also use a pair of mitten gloves, or glove mittens. Gittens? Mloves? It's hard to know. They are my favorite, because mittens keep my fingers the warmest, but this way I can still use my individual digits. Some like these would be pretty swell.

And, finally, on my short little list would be a lint remover. I think everything I own in clothing collects spare hairs and lint. I could spend my entire work day picking stuff off of my favorite wool coat.

Other than that, laughter with family, snuggling with my honey and some hot cocoa are all I really need for a Warm and Bright Christmas.

What about you???

1 comment:

njcrofts said...

Oooh I totally support the record player wish! I have the same one. Spencer does too. So basically you need to join the club. I've never regreted the purchase; it brings so much happiness!