Sunday, April 6, 2014

Around the House

Thought I'd share some recent projects I've done around the house.

With my experience with Ella, cloth diapers make the best burp cloths. 
So, I dyed several blue for baby boy (yeah, I should probably do a post about that, huh?) 

We converted Ella's crib into a "big girl" bed back in December. Then, several weeks ago we converted her closet into a bed nook area. I think it's pretty cute and cozy. 
The banner is the same one that was used to decorate at her baby shower. 

Ikea spice rack, painted and used as a book shelf. 
That doll with the green eyes and brown hair is quite old! 

Ella and her Douglas. I found that pillowcase (and its twin) at second hand store. They looked like they'd been folded in an old lady's closet for years. 

Ella shows us how her bed works...

The curtains are made of an old, cloth shower curtain cut in half. 

I also used chalkboard paint on the inside door of her closet for some easy chalk access. 
(Disregard the bare bum, that's her usual home outfit). 

So there ya go.