Saturday, November 30, 2013

Veteran's Day Parade

I'm behind in my writing! Here are some pictures from the Veteran's Day parade we attended. I was glad that our school district didn't have school that day and that our community took time out to recognize and honor our Veterans. 

Sunday, November 3, 2013

Hallow's Eve

This last week was Halloween! On Tuesday we went over to my mom's to carve pumpkins and make carmel apples with Zoey, Eli and Riley. 

It took a lot of coercion to get Ella to help with the pumpkin carving. I literally had to take her hand and stick it inside the pumpkin. I'm all about trying to get her to try things she's hesitant about, wouldn't want her to miss out on something she could potentially love! 

After this picture was taken, she promptly got down and went a played, she was done with the pumpkins! 

Ella had much more fun playing with the miniature pie pans in Grandma's cupboard. 

Finished products! 
After Zoey cleaned out her pumpkin she decided she was done carving, thus her's has no face. 

Eric based his off of 'Scream.'

I freestyled mine. 

Wednesday morning, Ella and I joined up with our playgroup out at the Hibberts' for a fun Halloween party. It ended up raining most of the day, but the kids still did pony rides outside. 

Ella waited to ride the pony and got a wagon ride, too. 

Wednesday night we got E dressed up in her kitty costume and headed downtown for the downtown trick or treating. 

Aunt Riley and Ella are practically best friends, this photo is a cute shot of them. 

Ella wanted to sample each treat she got. Progress was slow, but fun. She was mostly fascinated by all the weirdos on main street. 

That was all the trick or treating we managed. 
E was battling a cold and I didn't want to overdue it. 

Saturday I helped drive Eli and his friends up to Hilgard State Park so they could have air soft game wars. Eric and Ella came with me to pick the boys back up. It was pretty cold, but we threw some rocks in the river. Ella did a nose dive into the water, but my catlike reflexes caught the back of her coat and only her left arm got wet. 

My sweet girl running through the leaves! 

Eli (top left) and the rest of his crew. 

Not too much else going on this last week. We are going over to my mom's for Sunday dinner in a couple of hours, something we've been doing on Fast Sundays. Zoey, Max, Riley and Eli will all be there, so that'll be nice!