Saturday, February 16, 2008

Be Mine...

I seem so busy, but then when I sit to write about it, there is nothing to write! I guess a lot of it is school stuff, which would be boring to write about. So I'll just say that school is keeping me busy. I have two religion classes, The New Testament and LDS Marriage & Family. I really enjoy my NT class. My teacher is well balanced when it comes to bringing in doctrine as well as history. I am a bit dissapointed in my LDS Marriage & Family class. People I've talked to have really loved and learned a lot. I feel like we are just doing a lot of general overview stuff and not a lot that I can really apply. I am also taking two political science courses. 150 is comparitive politics, which talks about different countries and their governments, etc. I am taking 200, which is prerequiste to take any upper division Poli Sci courses. It is lots of research and writing, but I actually don't mind it, because I am developing more as a writer and am able to read and write about stuff I am interested in.

My final class is Intro to International Development, or IAS 22o. It's not quite what I was hoping. It is the class I definitely am getting the least from and am the least in to. And I think my teacher might be an apostate....jk....but really....

Last weekend I made a trip with Kara to Oregon. Her grandmother had passed away (at 102 years old), so I used that as an excuse to go home. A 36 hour trip lengthened into an almost three day visit. Finally we got back to Provo via Grandma and her car. It was good to be home, even if nobody wanted to see me! I saw Kylee, too, which is always good, even if it is only an hour here and there. The highlight of the trip might have been throwing up next to the Hammett sign on the straitest stretch of freeway in Idaho. Thanks Grandma's driving!

Valentine's Day was nice. Jeremy and I got dressed up and went out to dinner at this Japanese place called 'Osaka' here in Provo. He knows how I love Japanese food and culture. The restaurant was a pleasant little surprise. The food was very authentic (not that I've ever actually eaten Japanese food in Japan...) and not too spendy. I wasn't ashamed to eat a lot. I had my own plate of gyosa, my own California Sushi roll, and my own steak and chicken teryaki. Jeremy and I both decided we would have to go there more frequently. They have curry that I want to try, too. Oh, and the waitresses even run around in little kimonos. Then we went back to Jeremy's apartment where we made a surprise desert, which were supposed to be chocolate truffles, but they didn't turn out. Jeremy also taught me the basics of waltzing in his kitchen while the truffles refridgerated. I had made him an apple pie (his favorite) and had printed "Mr. Taylor" on a black apron for him. I've been teasing him since November that I was going to buy him an apron because he is always trying to cook food for me. In fact, that was our first "date." He was super excited about the apron, I've never seen a guy so excited over an apron! Besides dinner and dancing, Jeremy gave me a bouquet of pink roses. It was a really great Valentines, the first time I've really had a Valentine to share it with.

Friday, in the mail, my aunt Steph sent a card and a super cute notepad! It was a nice little post-valentine's day valentine. Plus, she doesn't know this, but I've been looking for a mini notepad to put in my scripture case for at least a month now. But everything has seemed so ordinary, or just not right, so when I got it, I thought, "Oh my gosh, this is perfect." So thanks Steph! My mom also sent a couple Valentine's packages last week. One included Valentines, which I wrote out and gave to Jeremy's roommates, my roommates, Kara and her roomies.... they were cute and fun! There was also candy, and well.... a certain magazine that is one of my guilty pleasures.... So thanks Ma!

Love you all!

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Meeting the Family

A week from this past Sunday I went with Jeremy to the blessing of his newest niece Christiana Belle. I met his oldest sister Amberly, her husband Rafael, and their 5-month old son Nico; his middle sister Bethany, her husband Chad, and their 7-month old daughter Sophia; his youngest sister Darcy, her husband Dan, and of their new baby Christiana. I also met his dad, Robert, who had flown in from Virginia, and his older brother Jared. I was quite nervous, I knew that his family was full of intelligent, successful people, especially his sisters, and we all know how protective sisters can be of their little brothers. Everyone was very welcoming. Jeremy hadn't known that his dad had flown in for the weekend, so it was a pleasant surprise for both of us!

After church we enjoyed a delicious lunch at Darcy and Dan's home. I was able to visit with his family, grew attached to his nephew Nico, and listened to the family geneology from his dad.

For dinner, we drove back to his sister Bethany's. Jeremy's dad was staying there too, so we had another fabulous meal, and a great visit. Bethany's daughter Sophia is sooooo adorable. She is this smiley, chunky little thing, and reminded me a bit of my baby pictures. We topped the night off with a family favorite, Burnt Almond Fudge ice cream, that I guess Jeremy's grandpa always loved. Jeremy's dad is such a sweet man, he gave me a hug goodbye when we left. I took it as a good sign.

Friday night we drove up to Park City to have dinner with Amberly and Rafa. Many of Rafa's family were there. Rafa and his family are from Argentina, Amberly served a mission there, and Jeremy has served a mission in Spain. I felt so out of the loop with no spanish skills, but luckily everyone interpreted for me when needed. Rafa's family is very sweet. The food was great, and it was a good time.

Saturday we met up with Amberly and Rafa again, one last time before they were headed back to Viriginia. Jeremy's brother Jared was also at the restaurant with his family. I met his wife, who is getting her Ph.D and frequently flying to the UK, their two daughters Quincy,6, Sydney,4, and their son Anson, 2. They were adorable kids, rosy cheeks, blonde hair, and so sweet, even when Anson threw his dad's sandwhich on the floor....he was so casual about it.

I am so happy to have met most of Jeremy' s family and even happier at how welcoming and nice they have been to me. I only wish Amberly and Rafa lived closer! They are a fun couple.

This is Amberly, Rafael, Nico, Jeremy, and I at the Main Street Pizza & Noodle in Park City. Meeting the family actually went quite well, but meeting all these great people did make me miss home -- my family and friends--a ton. Love you guys!