Monday, May 25, 2009

Weekly Challenge

To All Faithful followers (all three of you):
Today is a day where I challenge you to step outside your comfort zone. Today I challenge you to embark on a fairly painless journey of bettering yourself and the world around you.
As mentioned before, I have started a "green" blog. It is my way of exploring the small ways in which I can give back to the earth that gives so much. Now, before you scoff, I'm not saying you have to wear organic only clothing or turn into a vegan.
I just believe there are small ways we can do our part to do a little better.
We live in a consumer driven world, and that's fine with me. I'm just suggesting we start consuming a little bit differently.
So, come with me on a 12 week journey, a challenge to each week do one "green" thing. The challenge begins today and I would direct you to my blog this week's challenge....
It will only hurt a little, I promise.
Yours Truly,
Alexa Lee
(an aspiring green elephant)

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Alexa needs...

I am waiting for a picture to upload and so I did this funny search where you go to Google and type in "your name + needs"...... i.e. "Alexa needs"

And here are my results:

Alexa needs to pee and almost wets her pants.
Alexa needs to do garbage collection.
Alexa needs middle name.
Alexa needs numbers.
Alexa needs her shorts.
Alexa needs to find the serpant that's been living inside of the city and is getting ready to attack.
Alexa needs you.
Alexa needs more neutrals.
Alexa needs to go.
Alexa needs an experienced and gentle handler.

My picture still hasn't uploaded....I quit.

Friday, May 15, 2009


Thoughts on this background?

Also, check out my newest addition to my blog family .....

More later, gator.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Thursday's Random Thoughts

The season finale of Grey's is on tonight. Here is my prediction..... They will operate on Izzie, she'll survive the operation, but they'll leave us just as her eyes open not knowing if she has her memory....or they'll leave us mid operation. Something stupidly dramatic and cliff-hanger like that. But, she'll live! Next season, Izzie Stevens will be back. Bet ya 50 cents. Here's Riley and I shroomin' this last weekend. Found some calfbrains. But with the long winter, the mushrooms are just now starting to grow. This coming weekend will probably afford some better results, if not next week sometime.
I think you can be a Republican and be for helping the envrionment. I was at Wal-Mart the other day and saw that they are now selling copy/printer paper with like 30 percent recycled material in it. 30's better than nothing and it is still super white, great stuff. Buy it the next time you buy paper, eh?

I keep having "nightmares" about the stresses in my life. I have an interview with Congressman Walden's people on Tuesday for to do an internship there. I had a crazy dream about that interview a couple days ago that has me worried and brushing up on my interview skills. Prayers please.
I'm starting to worry that I won't get Financial Aid for the summer term (which is fine, because I've already rearranged my life to fit it all in this coming school year, kill me now), but also for the fall/winter. I'm really getting nervous, like acid indigestion nervous. So again, I request whatever faith in prayer you might have, to be exercised on my behalf.
I had another nightmare last night....I've developed a chronic eye twitch and could use some better sleep and less stress. Again, with the praying.
I just finished folding the 400th Safe Center newsletter. If I don't see it again this year, that'll be too soon.
Supposed to be a gorgeous weekend here in the Valley. I'm look forward to basking in the rays and acquiring new freckles. Have a good one!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

fine for now

I'm sick and tired of Sandra's (my mother) whining and moaning about my old background. So here's a new one.....for now. I'm not 100% satisfied, but it'll do.

Friday, May 8, 2009


It's 12:22 am. Make a wish? I should be sleeping. It seems I have trouble with that lately. Sleeping.

Some days are harder than others, but don't you always feel like some kind of champion because you've made it through the day? Worn out, beaten down, dirty knees, knotted shoulders, but somehow stronger, better prepared, more learned? You smile through your tears for no reason other than you can.

Then there's the hope thing. The hope that tomorrow will be better, and that five months from now, or five years, you'll either look back and not even remember today's badness, or you'll remember and see how it brought you to this place.

The thing about the darkness of the ending day is that there's the light at the start of a new.

One day at time my friends, one day at a time. We figure it out. We live. We write our story. Make it a good one, not one that I fall asleep reading.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Watch and Learn

Do Tell, Mr. Nobel Prize Winner

This is happening across Eastern Oregon from Wallowa County, to Union County, to Harney County....