Monday, February 28, 2011


My littlest bro entered the waters of baptism this last Saturday. I am so proud of him. It was only a few years ago he terrified the missionaries serving in our ward by telling them he didn't believe in God or Jesus and that he probably wasn't going to get baptized (this coming from a six year-old). A little while back, he got up in sacrament meeting and bore a sincere little testimony. Oh how they grow.

When we arrived at the church (only about 10 minutes before the scheduled 6pm), no chairs were set up and the baptismal font wasn't filled. I guess the way the water works at the church, if you want warm water you have to start filling up the font hours before. Eli was a trooper though. Right after going under, he popped up and said, "Refreshing!!"

(My mom was frowning, she said, because I said to. Wish I would've realized a lot sooner how easily swayed she is by my charm and good sense. Also, I think this picture proves that Max is now taller than his dad. And he's still 14. Whew!)

I was very proud of my littlest brother. It was a nice, simple baptism and the Spirit was there. I was also proud of Elmer (old man Eric) for so willingly playing the piano on no notice and for joining in on Eli's confirmation.
(This photo is funny on so many levels - had to include it contrary to my first instincts.)

Afterward we played some friendly, family b-ball. We're all very talented and the score was SO high I can't even remember it.

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Couples Coma

(I started writing this a couple weeks ago and never finished or published. Not sure what else there was to say, other than I love being in a couples coma.)

Eric and I love "How I Met Your Mother," at least so far - we've watched season one and are halfway through season two. A recent episode talked about the differences between single people and those in a "couple." It was really funny, but also fairly accurate. My Mom is always saying how "old" and "married" Eric and I are. We get tired early and like to stay in most nights with a good flick and some good grub.


Eric and I even talked about how true it was, but why not? What better way to spend time than cozied up at home, in your sweats, with your bestie? In fact, the other night we had on matching navy sweats and heather gray t-shirts and Eric wanted to take a picture, I vetoed. 

So instead you get this. Eric & Alexa, both today and sixty years from now. . . . 

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

My Romance

As Eric mentioned, we stopped at Ikea (after following some really faulty google maps directions) this last weekend. After several long minutes of feeling over-whelmed, we were inspired by a display. We already had some of the elements in our bedroom, so we picked up a few more things to give it "the look." I'd been trying to figure out how to make a white, blue, brown, cool hued room romantic.  We picked up some shear curtains, some taupe colored pillow cases and some white, textured smaller pillows. Now when the light comes in it feels absolutely glorious. Literally like sleeping on a cloud. We love it.

We also picked up an awesome photo of the Portland Temple in a vintagey-black & white color. Eric had gotten me the same print only much smaller after we got engaged and decided on the Portland Temple. Ikea has a huge variety of frames and sizes and we picked up a nice white frame with a white matte that really sets the temple apart. It now hangs in our hall, visible everytime we walk in the door. My favorite part is that it says "families can be together forever." I'll try and get a photo up of it sometime.

Anyway, tomorrow is Thursday! Whew, so glad the week is half over.
I live for the weekends.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Pictures! A creative post title.

We took a quick trip to portland friday and saturday to attend the wedding of my (Eric D's) cousin Ranae and her now husband (cousin in law?) Matt. It was a wonderful opportunity for us because they had the same temple sealer as we did and he said many of the same things to them that he said to us. The first time was a little overwhelming and this time we were able to take in some more details.

As usual portland greeted us with rain. We didn't mind though.

We managed to snap a few pictures. It was relatively painless!

It will soon be Liz and Stan's turn to tie the knot. They are excited!

Father of the bride, Uncle Robert owns a business making wood sculptures. Usually he carves wood bears that people put in their yards but he made this ice sculpture just for the reception.

A chocolate fountain at the reception was like a magnet to all kids... and to Lexy.

Stan, Liz, and Poppa Lougee had a deep conversation in sign langauge.

It was fun to hang out with all my fam. Even my sister Holly. She thinks that I pick on her but I must not be too bad because she said that Lexy and I are cooler that Liz and Stan. This is true.

Saturday the sun came out and we played around in portland a little longer before we went home that evening. I was greatly disappointed when we went to the rose garden and the Trailblazer fan store was closed. sigh. Guess I'll have to wait until next trip to get some Blazer gear.

Unfortunately not documented with photos was our trip to IKEA. That store is crazy. We escaped with minimal damage to our bank account and we got some pretty sweet new home decor type stuff. Pillows, ironing board, curtains, picture frame. And that was that for our trip to Portland.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

When I was a young warthog....

My last semester at BYU, I was fortunate to serve as the Issues & Ideas page Editor. My job was great. I worked good hours, for good pay (for an on-campus student job), with some of my good friends and was mentored by two advisors I grew to greatly respect.

On the flip side, I became so jaded by opinions that I took a long, long news/opinion/political fast. I'm just now allowing myself to listen to NPR on the way home from work.

One of my former colleagues and fellow Oregonians works as the current 'Op-Ed' page editor. She just wrote a fabulous viewpoint to the admittedly many self-righteous finger pointers that attend BYU (don't worry, I'm a proud alumni).

Take a read when you have a moment.

I miss the title of editor.

In a dream world, I'd love to be an editor at a magazine. But, that's another post for another day.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011


We won a basket of goodies from Saucy Mama through a Facebook contest. Six of her newest products! Included were three mustards - adding to our chipotle mustard. We decided we needed to hold a mustard tasting.

Eric was thrilled with our spoils. Here he is his holding the Pacific Rim Ginger marinade/dressing. Which we recently had on a salad and CANNOT wait to have with sushi.

 A close up of the yumminess.

We cooked up some jalepeno poppers, french fries and mini corndogs (not pictured). Almost as classy as a wine tasting, right? We mixed the chipotle mustard in with ketchup and mayo for an amazing fry sauce. I loved the lemon tarragon - a little bit bitter. Eric gulped down the apricot ginger like it was prohibition. Thanks Saucy Mama! We're looking forward to many meals accentuated by these sauces and mustards.

Pressing on ....

Here is my handsome Valentine. He even wore a reddish shirt - without my suggesting! What a big sweetheart!

He got my roses in my favorite color - orange! That was a first for me. And a case of Diet Pepsi - a man who knows the way to his woman's heart. He surprised me with a pair of Toms on Saturday so I was able to enjoy them all weekend. 


Monday, February 14, 2011

A Valentine's Tale

Jack Potter's Courtin'
Now young Jack Potter was a man who knowed the ways of steers.
From bur-nests in their hairy tails to ticks that chawed their ears.
A Texican and cowhand, to the saddle bred and born,
He could count a trail herd on the move and never miss a horn.
But one day on a tally, back in eighteen- eighty-four,
He got to acting dreamy, and he sure did miss the score.
The Trail Boss knowed the symptoms. "Jack you ain't no good like this.
I'll give you just ten days to go and find what is amiss!"
A "miss" was just what ailed him, for he'd fell in love for sure
With a gal named Cordie Eddy, mighty purty, sweet and pure.
So now Jack rode a hundred miles, a-sweatin' with the thought
Of sweetsome words to ask her with, the way a fella ought.
"I'm just a humble cowhand, Miss Cordie, if you please,
That hereby asks your heart and hand, upon my bended knees!."
It sounded mighty simple thus rehearsed upon the trail.
But when he come to Cordie's house, his words all seemed to fail.
'Twas "Howdy, ma'am, and how's the crops? And "How's your pa and ma?"
For when it came to askin' her, he couldn't come to taw.

He took her to a dance one night. The hoss she rode was his.
"He's a dandy little hoss," she says. "Well, yep," says Jack, "he is."
They rode home late together and the moon was ridin' high,
And Jack, he got to talkin' 'bout the stars up in the sky,
And how they'd guide a trail herd like they do sea-goin' ships.
But words of love and marriage-- they just wouldn't pass his lips!
So he spoke about the pony she was ridin', and he said:
"You'll note he's fancy-gaited, and don't n ever fight his head."
"He's sure a little dandy," she agrees, and heaves a sigh.
Jack says, "Why you can have him -- that is-- maybe-- when I die."
He figgered she might savvy what he meant or maybe guess,
And give him that sweet answer which he longed for, namely, "yes."
But when they reached the ranch house, he was still a-wonderin' how
He would ever pop the question, and he had to do it now.
Or wait and sweat and suffer till the drive was done that fall,
When maybe she'd be married, and he'd lose her after all.
He put away her saddle, led his pony to the gate:
"I reckon I'll be driftin', ma'am. It's gittin' kinder late."
Her eyes was bright as starlight, and her lips looked sweet as flow'rs.
Says Jack, "Now, this here pony-- is he mine, or is he ours?"
"Our pony, Jack!" she answered, and her voice was soft as moss.
Then Jack, he claims he kissed her - - but she claims he kissed the hoss!
© 1966, S. Omar Barker, from Rawhide Rhymes

 Kiss someone you love today! Or a hug will do, too.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Who's With Me?

My lucky aunt and grandmother were able to go to the Funky Junk Sister's "Junk Salvation" Show in Hillsboro recently. Mom and I had planned on going, but - like life likes to do - things fell through. 

They have another show in May and I'm dying to go. The 13th & 14th to be exact, in Puyallyup, WA. 

So, who's with me?

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Pretty in Pink

No, I didn't spoon feed my blog Pepto, but it's probably the pinkest you'll ever see it. It's in honor of Valentine's Day. Since I happen to be crazy about someone - and he's crazy about me, too - I decided to celebrate with some pink indulgence.

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Just Call Me Molly

I made a cake from scratch today, by myself. And it turned out.

It's probably the easiest cake to make, and that's why I could do it. But, we in the Lougee household love it.

Busy-Day Cake.

Maybe its simplicity is what makes it so delightful. We first tried to make it with Morgan for Riley's birthday in September. We feared it was going to not turn out, so we made a confetti cake instead. Well, the busy-day cake not only turned out, but Eric and I ate it straight out of the pan, with our hands while driving in the van. This time we at it a little more civilly.

Mmmm mmmm.

We enjoyed the full splendor of our weekend. I renew my previous assertions and highly recommend marriage.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

In Case You Couldn't Make It

Since most of you had other engagements, here's a quick recap of Eric's big day.

 We took a family photo. We were feeling cute, and the sun was shining so beautifully through the bedroom window. Don't mind my crazy hair. We were headed to 'True Grit' only to find out we were two hours early for the first showing .... so, bummed and embarrassed we left the theater. Hopefully we can see it Saturday with the elder Mr. & Mrs. Lougee. 

 We were classy. But the food was good and they gave us free dessert. 

 And then we went to his family's for MORE dessert. Tres Leches cake. It's an acquired taste, but Eric loves it. Anna put the candles on, at first all in clumped up. Oh the mind of a 10 year old. 

 Mother and Son. Shelly told me he was born just shy of midnight and something like 9 days late. Then she told me all her kids weren't born til after their due dates. I hope this isn't going to continue to the next generation. 

Handsome.                                                                          Great lung capacity.  

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Today in History

Look at this pudger. That's my sweet husband at the beginning of his football obsession. Isn't he scrumptous?

Today is his birthday. We're finally the same age, 23. I got a card from a friend for my 23rd birthday, and in it she made a prophetic statement. She said, "23 is gonna be a great year. I can feel it!" And for me, it has been.

I've met my best friend. The piece of my puzzle that fits better than I ever knew possible. He lifts me up everyday, and shows his unconditional love just as often. Words feel empty and inadequate. But, I'm happy to celebrate this day, because I'm not me without him.

Happy 23rd D'Marcus!