Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Today in History

Look at this pudger. That's my sweet husband at the beginning of his football obsession. Isn't he scrumptous?

Today is his birthday. We're finally the same age, 23. I got a card from a friend for my 23rd birthday, and in it she made a prophetic statement. She said, "23 is gonna be a great year. I can feel it!" And for me, it has been.

I've met my best friend. The piece of my puzzle that fits better than I ever knew possible. He lifts me up everyday, and shows his unconditional love just as often. Words feel empty and inadequate. But, I'm happy to celebrate this day, because I'm not me without him.

Happy 23rd D'Marcus! 


Kylee said...

Happy Birthday! You should have told me that last night on the phone, I would have had Greg sing him Happy Birthday. He really enjoys it! I hope that you have a fun day celebrating. And I am glad that you feel like this year has been great! Love you.

kbax said...

hey i am that prophetess! always listen to me. always. happy late b-day mr. lougee.