Sunday, February 27, 2011

Couples Coma

(I started writing this a couple weeks ago and never finished or published. Not sure what else there was to say, other than I love being in a couples coma.)

Eric and I love "How I Met Your Mother," at least so far - we've watched season one and are halfway through season two. A recent episode talked about the differences between single people and those in a "couple." It was really funny, but also fairly accurate. My Mom is always saying how "old" and "married" Eric and I are. We get tired early and like to stay in most nights with a good flick and some good grub.


Eric and I even talked about how true it was, but why not? What better way to spend time than cozied up at home, in your sweats, with your bestie? In fact, the other night we had on matching navy sweats and heather gray t-shirts and Eric wanted to take a picture, I vetoed. 

So instead you get this. Eric & Alexa, both today and sixty years from now. . . . 

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Anonymous said...

You are a darling couple!!