Sunday, February 20, 2011

Pictures! A creative post title.

We took a quick trip to portland friday and saturday to attend the wedding of my (Eric D's) cousin Ranae and her now husband (cousin in law?) Matt. It was a wonderful opportunity for us because they had the same temple sealer as we did and he said many of the same things to them that he said to us. The first time was a little overwhelming and this time we were able to take in some more details.

As usual portland greeted us with rain. We didn't mind though.

We managed to snap a few pictures. It was relatively painless!

It will soon be Liz and Stan's turn to tie the knot. They are excited!

Father of the bride, Uncle Robert owns a business making wood sculptures. Usually he carves wood bears that people put in their yards but he made this ice sculpture just for the reception.

A chocolate fountain at the reception was like a magnet to all kids... and to Lexy.

Stan, Liz, and Poppa Lougee had a deep conversation in sign langauge.

It was fun to hang out with all my fam. Even my sister Holly. She thinks that I pick on her but I must not be too bad because she said that Lexy and I are cooler that Liz and Stan. This is true.

Saturday the sun came out and we played around in portland a little longer before we went home that evening. I was greatly disappointed when we went to the rose garden and the Trailblazer fan store was closed. sigh. Guess I'll have to wait until next trip to get some Blazer gear.

Unfortunately not documented with photos was our trip to IKEA. That store is crazy. We escaped with minimal damage to our bank account and we got some pretty sweet new home decor type stuff. Pillows, ironing board, curtains, picture frame. And that was that for our trip to Portland.


Sandra said...

The photo captions are perfect!

Anonymous said...

This is Holly, and I don't recall saying that. It must have either been a dream or you are going crazy.