Thursday, December 2, 2010

Lunar Nectar

Wedding pictures are hard. At least to take. And edit. And then post. So, there's a delay in the game. However, we can fast forward to the honeymoon.

The best word to describe our 5 full days in Seaside, Oregon?


I thought we were feeding the seals. 

 Eric likes to say he was pole dancing for me. "But not really."
 This is where I became possessed by something evil, apparently. 

Another stripper pole. Eric has an affinity. But, really it's the Astoria column. It's very tall. And exhaustingly spiraly. Made me dizzy. 

 Thanksgiving Dinner on the coast. Just the two of us. Best idea ever. 

 This is for Grandma, and her sneaker wave tales prior to our departure. 

 Can you tell it was always freezing? Because, it was. 
Tillamook: The story of a man and his jerky.

And that was that. Wish we could be coastal sloths forever.
  Maybe someday. 


Carly said...

congrats lexy!!!

leah marie said...

I love this post!
and you!
and your new husband!

Can you BELIEVE how this year has gone?? One minute, we're going on dates with each other, the next second we're married.

I miss you so very much!! Can we talk soon, please? xoxo.

Fresh and Feisty said...

Andrew and I spent our honeymoon in Seaside too! Looks like you had the idea of doing Thanksgiving there. Good for the two of you.