Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Christmas First

We made a last minute - and by last minute I mean a week before Christmas - decision to head to Central Oregon for Christmas. We stayed with Eric's Grandma Lougee and had Christmas Eve at his aunt Betty Rae's and Uncle Scott's. We ate tacos! This also happens to be a Lee/Leavitt family tradition, so that helped me feel more at home in my first Christmas ever away from my Mom and Sibs. 

We had a good time visiting with the fam, eating good food and opening our spoils. Literally. We spoiled each other, plus our families spoiled us, plus Santa gave us a total of five, FIVE stockings! 

We only wish we could've stayed a little longer to see some more of the cousins who came into town the day we had to leave, Eric covered a shift at work Sunday evening. 

Christmas morning, holding a lavender surprise from 
Riley Roo. 
I'm looking so good here, yes?
 Eric is now a Ukelelist. He's really cool, see?
 Dream come true! A vinyl record player! 
 Grandma Lougee and Eric swap war stories.
Notice her stylin' kicks.
 Eric passing on his ukele props to Cheri Lyn 
(okay, but seriously, doesn't my husband look like a stud muffin rock star?). 
 Uncle Scott helped me with my record player. He's very instruction oriented, I learned. He also bequethed me his whole record collection someday. I got a sampling when he brought over an orignal Byrds album, can't you just hear me singing "Turn turn turn," along with the so sweet crackle of the vinyl?
 In front of Betty Rae's tree. Tender! 

How was your holiday? 

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