Monday, June 20, 2011

In The Summertime

As I was uploading these photos Mungo Jerry started playing in my head. Click link for some background music.

Tonight we spent our Family "Home" Evening with some of our favorite folks, Momma Lougee, Holly & Anna.

We bowled two highly competitive games (not at all). We only broke 200 with our combined scores from both games, but it was fun to see Anna's dance moves and Holly bowling in the "depths of despair."

Then we grabbed some delicious sno-cones from The Tiki Hut down at the park. Eric & I now know where we will be spending many a summer eves. They will even put a scoop of vanilla in the bottom of your ice ... delish!

red rasPberry, of course

malibu barbie & slime boy
(these were the names of our flavors, seemed to fit, though, right?) 

Tonight finally felt like the start of summer! I'm much looking forward to it. After all, it's the season Eric and I fell in love, and even though that's kind of cheesy, there's magic to it.

Sorry for the absentee blogging - but I can't promise I'll be much better through the summer! 

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Kylee said...

Sounds lovely. Summer nights are the best. Also, it doesn't sound cheesey. I always felt that way about the fall time with Matt.