Wednesday, March 21, 2007


Well, Sunday night I was absolutely dreading my week. I almost started crying when I was talking to my mom on Sunday night. I just knew that so much was happening within the next week, two weeks, three weeks and I wasn't wanting to buck up and face it.... But then the week began and it has been a pretty swell one. Here are some reasons why:

1.) I did the best I have done on a psych test, then my teacher added on a seven point curve, excellent!
2.) My Poli Sci teacher moved our Map quiz from Monday to Wednesday.
3.) My psych teacher moved our paper that was due this week, to next week. That means two papers in that class will be due, but still!
4.) I had a pop quiz in psych and got 9/10, my best yet!
5.) I got 150 out of 150 on my first big psych paper! I might just pull a B out of there this semester, can you say "miracle?"
6.) I got an e-mail from my Grandpa Lee in California. I haven't seen that guy in so long, it was good to hear from him.
7.) I heard from miss Kylee Roo! She had relieving news....
8.) I ate Asparagus with garlic pasta last night, it was delicious!
9.) I ate a banana with my cereal this morning, almost as good as last night's dinner.
10.) I don't have to give a mega huge presentation in my Geography class until Monday, still stressed, but at least I have the weekend!
11.) I took the map quiz in poli sci and think I pretty much aced it!
12.) Our temple trip on Thursday was canceled, a big bummer, but at least I can watch Grey's!! (George and Lizzie? But I love Callie O'Malley!)
13.) I've already been to the gym three times this week!
14.) There are only 8 days of classes left, whoa!
15.) I only work twice this week, which is bad cuz I need the money, but better because I need the spare time.
16.) I bought some jeans shorts tonight at work!
17.) I only have one more week of work after this week....
18.) I will be on the road home in less than 16 days, dang, so much to do before then...

Beautiful, right?

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Kylee said...

I agree that it is beautiful. I am glad that the week worked out for you and I know that you will make it through like a trooper. I bought two shirts from Old Navy today and I thought of you:) I am writing this very quickly before Grey's start...oh yeah on your myspace countdown it says you have 47 days left until you say goodbye to Rexburg? It isn't that many is it? Oh yeah..and thanks for mentioning me in your blog it made me feel special and your comment you left on my blog! Love you!