Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Bloody Shoes

With the start of a new semester came a renewed exercise routine. Kara's friend Nathan, works in Park City as a manager at the Nike outlet. He hooked me up with some new discounted running shoes. I christianed them with my blood during my first work out.
(notice the blood on the heals?)

School is going well, I am actually pretty excited about my classes, three of them being communications/journalism classes. One teacher today commented that if you are in this major you should be addicted to news. I was like, ha! I am! He said if there was one addiction the church allowed it was to the news. Anyway, I walked home today wondering what the hell I'd been doing for the last three years?? At first I thought, "What a waste!" But, if I hadn't taken this path to get here, I don't think I'd be nearly as appreciative of the path I'm on now....


Kylee said...

Glad that your are enjoying your classes so far and that you are doing something you love.
My running shoes have those stains too! Must be something with runners? Hope you are doing well. Love ya!

Sandra said...

no swearing allowed!
eeew! Gross shoes! How can you keep running when your feet are bleeding! Silly wabbit!