Monday, March 28, 2011

Much Ado

It's been a while since I've written a legitimate blog post. I'm sorry!

We've had a few fabulous weekends. Last week was a hockey game up in Tri-Cities, this weekend we made a nice mini-getaway out of Stan & Elizabeth's (hereafter referred to as Stanibeth) wedding in Lake Oswego.

Early Friday morning we woke up, got ready and headed to Umatilla to pick up two of Liz's bridesmaids - Holly & Anna. Then we made the trip to Lake Oswego. It was raining and I was happy! Happy because the weather was forecasted to be cloudy and no rain. In November, for my wedding, it rained and NOBODY wanted to stick around for pictures. For Renae's wedding (Eric's cousin) in February, it rained. And so, it seemed only fair that Elizabeth have rain, too. However, by the time the ceremony was over the rain had stopped and the sun even peaked its head out intermittently. And they got HOURS and HOURS of beautiful photos. But, I'm not bitter at all.

But, really, the ceremony was beautiful and I loved seeing that side of the family. I really felt like they were my family, too - not Eric's. They're our family. Everyone is so supportive and loving, even if everyone kept making jabbing comment's on Eric's hair - it was all in good spirited jesting. I love them and look forward to the reunion in July.

The same man, Brother Brimshaw, whom performed our ceremony, also performed Renae & Matt's AND Stan & Elizabeth's. It's been such a blessing to be able to hear the similar words three times. I had to give Brother Brimshaw a hug and extend my appreciation for the words of advice and love that he's expressed to three couples in the next generation of the family.

Also, in the room where the marriage sealing & ceremony take place, there are mirrors on the wall that are faced directly across from each other. When you look into them you can't see the beginning or the end. Eric and I love being the last folks out of the room so we can stand and look into the mirrors together.

Anyway, enough of the mushy stuff. I'm just really appreciative for the generations of love and partnership that have gone before and established a firm legacy for our generation to build on and lean on for support.

On to the pictures ...

Friday night we hit the Trailblazers game vs. San Antonio. It did not disappoint! We watched Patum hit the game winning alley hoop and rejoiced for the next hour like everyone else at the Rose Garden! 

We found a heck of a deal at a hotel in Vancouver. So we stayed the night and hit the Saturday Market the next morning. 

We got home, got ready and headed to Walla Walla for Stanibeth's reception. It was a fun time! This was a photo I snapped of Shelly and her sisters Debbie & Angie. 

This Lougee household had a fabulous weekend, but we're looking forward to a much calmer, more relaxed weekend next week. We're also looking forward to April. March has been a sickly month for us, colds, sinus infections, kidney infections ... We're hoping with better weather comes better health. Cheers!

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