Monday, May 23, 2011

Eat Cheese

So, Thursday, May 19th happened to be our 6 month wedding anniversary. And while we received much ado from friends and family for recognizing such a seemingly irrelevant milestone - we wanted to mark it somehow. Enjoy the next few cheesy sentences. 

I was beginning to feel the first symptoms of what I think turned out to be the flu, but we still managed our way to the park. 

I saw this idea on my friend Ashley's blog about couples in Moscow, Russia (and it turns out all around the world) that put a lock on a tree (or anything really) and toss the keys into the river. 

So, we did our own version of a love padlock. With "E & A" on one side and our wedding date "11.19.11" on the other side. We locked it onto a fence next to a pasture and the park. 

Then we threw the key into the convenient Umatilla River nearby. 

We then sat and chatted for a minute in this swinging bench, but I was feeling far too woozy. While sitting though, we had a beaver swim to tree about six feet in front of us. After Eric got over his initial disgust and then freight, we talked about how cool that was. 

Yay, six months down, forever to go! 

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