Saturday, December 1, 2012

December First

Apparently I didn't do well with my month of gratitude. Oh well, on to the next holiday. 

And let's face it, blogging is really hard to get to. So consider yourselves lucky. 

We went up into the mountains with the Elder's Quorum and after lots (and I mean lots) of searching, as well as getting lots (and I mean lots) of mud on our new tires we found this little guy. He's really pretty perfect for our small home. I apologized to him because he might've grown to be a big beautiful tree. But then again, he was kind of squished in a cluster of other trees and I'm not sure he would've thrived after all. So, I guess we did the Oregonian thing to do and put an end to his potential misery and are letting him die with dignity....

I am happy to report that Eric's stint in boy scouts has paid off and the tree stayed on top of the car while flying down the freeway. 

We then did something that used to be a fairly regular tradition in my family and that is going to the Festival of Trees. Santa and Ella had their first meeting and as you'll see by the photos taken with Eric's cell phone, it went quite well. 

She did get a candy cane (which she'll enjoy this evening) and I promised Santa she'd be better next year. 

But, do you see the size of that guy? I'da had a hard time sitting there too, without getting scared. 

Happy December First, Ella! 


Katelyn said...

Oh my lord her face!! Bahaha, poor thing! You'll need to post a picture of your decorated tree!

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