Sunday, October 20, 2013

Life is like a pile of fallen leaves

The weather has been absolutely gorgeous. Seriously. About 60 degrees, perfect blue skies and barely a breeze. I think we're going to get another week of it and I'm thrilled. 

Eric mowed the lawn for the first time since before he left for Mexico. It's a good thing. Our lawn was looking pretty desperate. 

Wednesday morning Ella and I met up with our regular playgroup and braved the chilly morning at the park. It took awhile for Ella to get going, but she finally played and had fun. There is a ton of sand on her changing table in her room to prove it. Wednesday evening Eric had an Elders Quorum meeting and visits. Thursday night he went out with the missionaries and they went out to Starkey to visit a young family. It was interesting because Eric was with a new missionary to our area who is waiting on a visa to Brazil where he'll speak Portuguese. The father in the family they visited had served in Brazil and speaks Portuguese, so the new missionary was able to practice his language skills. Eric said he was able to understand just about everything they were saying and at one point even interpreted for the missionary. 

Friday morning Ella and I met up with friends at the skate park. The kids entertained themselves for two whole hours. It was great. 

Saturday, Eric was gone half the day cutting firewood with the Elder's Quorum and Young Men. Ella and I met up with friends whose husbands were also gone for the morning and enjoyed crepes and playtime. When Eric got home, he and Ella puttered around outside for awhile, sweeping and raking and playing. We tried to get Ella to jump in a pile of leaves. The best we could get was her running through them and picking them up, but we counted that as a win. It was her first leaf pile "experience" and was such an autumn thing to do, I loved it. 

While they tinkered, I put a reclaimed wood shelf up in the laundry/utility room. So glad to have all that stuff off the top of the dryer! 

Well, that was our week! Looking forward to the rest of our Sunday spent together as a family and enjoying this gorgeous fall weather. 

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