Sunday, August 17, 2008

For the record...

Just to keep anybody who might be reading this updated, Randy and I broke up on Friday.

I feel kind of stupid having the last two posts about us and him, but the break up wasn't really expected. We just kind of talked ourselves into it, and ended it mutually.

Break ups suck, but I am sure it was the right thing to do.


Kylee said...

Okay. I am calling you tomorrow. I had a feeling that I should call you today and then I got busy. So tomorrow it is. I am sorry about the break up.

Carly Carlson said...

Hey Lexy- not that I know your situation at all, but doing the right thing is not always easy. i remember being in a similar situation and it is never easy, but just stick with it and it'll work out the way it was supposed to.
Good luck, I hope everything works out all right.

Have fun with a new semester in Provo!!