Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Finally FINITO!

I am not sure that finito is a word, but I am pretty sure my mom has used it. And she knows EVERYTHING.
I just took my last final of the semester! Woot! It hasn't really sunk in.

Sold back my books for a measly total of $71. That's the lowest I've ever gotten back. It's the pits.

I'm gonna go get my hair cut again and then it's left over Christmas shopping!

There's a storm advisory for NE Oregon the next few days. Kara and I are driving back tomorrow, so pray we don't slide off the road around Weatherby, or have to sleep in our car at North Powder.

Jordan gets "off" his mission today. His parents are picking him up in North Carolina today! That's bizarre to me, the whole he's going to be more accessible these days.

See some of you soon!!!!