Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Cooking and Decorating - A Woman's Prerogative

Pictures from my week at home...

Our beautifully set table for Thanksgiving dinner.

Riley waits for the feast.
Carving zee turkey.
The Smiths came over for desert. Saturday morning we worked like elves to decorate for Christmas. Mom's first priority was this chandelier, that burnt my fingers. Mom snapped this lovely shot.
Stringing lights around the fake tree.
Eli was extremely helpful, as you can see.
I worked on this with Riley Roo.
It was exhausting. Just ask Zoey.
Tree, nativity, and countdown calendar.
Family photo and holiday card stand and fake tree.

Getting the real tree. Riley didn't want to be in the picture and Eli had a really hard time not doing his signature "peace" sign.

Riley watering our real tree.

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Sandra said...

Nice video. You girls are silly. How could you remember all that? True genius at work!