Monday, June 29, 2009

Too Legit

My first article was finally published in the Daily Universe today (you can click on the link to see the online version). It was on the front page, too, which always comes as a little boost to one's healthy ego. To see a pdf version, go here It's not my Pepsi Boycott story, that'll probably come out tomorrow. It's about the new climate bill that was pushed through the House on Friday evening. I stayed up until 3am that morning putting the finishing touches on it.

*Author's Note: They didn't do the byline I requested (A. Lee, not Alexa Lee), and they changed my Obama quote because he spoke out on Sunday about the passing of the bill. You'll see a word missing, not my fault, but my editor's. That is all.
Oh, here is my official press pass that legitimizes my need to pester people profusely. Neat.

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Sandra said...

Miss you, though. Glad you are having fun and things are working out!