Monday, March 15, 2010


[X] Ride a motorized scooter for the first time. Thank you Spencer, darling.
[X] Get the rest of my crap out of my officially "totaled" baby. Don't worry, I rescued my      Garth Brooks "Double Live" and "Ultimate Hits" disc sets. Unfortunately, my black aviators weren't so fortunate. Tear.
[X] Take better quality pictures. See said pictures here.
[X] Drown my grief in a can of Diet Pepsi. 
[X] Go to work. 
[X] Appreciate a beautiful walk home in 60 degree weather, with the sun on my skin and not a cloud in the blue blue sky.
[X] Waste hours watching bad TV and gabbing with lovable, crazy roommate. 
[X] See my beloved Kathryn and receive a much appreciated therapeutic massage for whiplash while discussing the in and outs of many subjects. Ahem.
[X] Burn Garth to my iTunes library and allow him to swoon me into a completely relaxed state. Shameless. 
[X] Imagine blissful spring days in the back yard wearing this $6.99 hat.

Today was a good day.

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Can do mom said...

You're looking great, Lexi. Glad you're on the mend!