Thursday, March 18, 2010

DIY-er in the making

I like to do things myself. I'm not sure if it's that stubborn blood that runs through every woman from my Grandma Maur through my mom and aunts Steph and Suci down to me, Morgan and Mckinna. You marry a Littig/Lee girl and you're gonna be in for daily battles. But, I think we can be quite cute and endearing whilst in our stubbornness, so, I'm not worried. I digress...

Mom and I have taught ourselves a lot. We've learned how to check the breaker, caulk windows and I even contrived a way to fix the flusher in a toilet at an apartment with little more than thread and needle.

Now, I'm looking forward to using those skills to FINALLY learn how to sew - like on a sewing machine. Mom bought a new sewing machine and I am anxious for those blissful teaching moments where I know we'll both bite each other's heads off and then reconvene on the back porch with Diet Pepsi's in hand. I want to make my own curtains for my trailer. And possibly do some pillow covers and maybe eventually an ottoman cover for my $5 ottoman find during my last Sister's trip up in Wallow County.

Who wouldn't want to learn how to sew with this lady?

I got particularly excited when I happened upon the blog Design*Sponge and their Sewing 101 tutorials with pictures and everything!

I called my mom in excitement, hoping she'd gotten the sewing machine she'd been eying. I was relieved she'd put her tax return to good use. She replied "Well that was urgent." Apparently I can only call for urgent things, like rolling my car  or something. ;-)

Anyway, I look forward to perusing fabric at craft stores and getting started on personalizing my Carolina! Now.... the sun is out (even though it was forecasted not to be) so I think I'll take a walk (yay for walking) down to the market and pick out a new mag to skim. Happy Thursday!

Oh, I watched 'Fever Pitch' last night.... and this song was on the soundtrack.


Sandra said...

You must get my permission to post photos. Especially ugly ones!

Can do mom said...

LOL! Sandra, you crack me up!

P.S. Both my daughters have blogs and I have warned them about posting "unapproved" photos of family members, especially me!

P.S.S. Both my daughters know how to use a sewing machine while I am admittedly hopeless when it comes to sewing. Best wishes, Lexy, on your projects.