Thursday, April 8, 2010

Out with the old?

So, the semester is rapidly coming to a close.  
After my final Comms 481 class — in which I delivered my final presentation (can I just get some clapping for the fact that I have not once stepped foot in the testing center this school year?) I came home and ate. Then Leah worked far too late and ran for Arizona, so I started going through stuff to pack and/or get rid of. 
I was really determined to send a fair amount of things to DI. 
It's like I was telling Boo. I have so many things I like, but never wear. Maybe somebody else can like them, too AND wear them. 
Unfortunately, my contributions are less than what I'd hoped.
But here's the real dilemma/question I thought about and thought I'd throw out to the blogging world. 

What are the rules for stuff you got with an ex? 
Or were given to by an ex? 
Say an article of clothing? Or a teddy bear? Or pictures? Or bullets? Or bracelets? Or fish?

Do the rules change when one or more of those exs is now married or engaged? And, then, how should these be disposed of? Over a bridge? In a fire? With a knife? Yardsale? Deseret Industries/Goodwill/Salvation Army? 
Ha ha. 
Seriously though, wondering what everyone thinks the etiquette should be.


Kylee said...

I threw a lot of my things out from Matt unless they were somehow linked to Greg. I still have all of my wedding picutres, but that is for Greg's sake later on and honestly, I don't even know where I stuck them. I say just throw them in the garbage when you are ready. But, I am also always available to help you burn them too :)

P.S. Loved the last post. Love that you are getting some things done and that you enjoyed your first trip to Lowes.

Heather Lee said...

First of all, I am completely jealous that you are nearly done with the semester. I have until May 14. Poo.

And secondly, you had an ex leave bullets at your house?

Lexy said...

Thanks guys! You are both so funny!

Heather, I've got shells from a shooting outing with an ex from my 21st birthday. He is now married. Not that I long for him, but... it was my 21st birthday!

I took some things to the thrift store today. Feel good about that.

Sandra said...

I still have some keepsakes from old boyfriends. Just mainly because they were from good memories and fun times. I like Kylee's thoughts, too, cause if I have something of Jeff's that the kids may enjoy sometime I would likely keep it. In my opinion it's ok to keep mementos that remind you of people and times that meant something to you, just don't display them at your bedside when you get married! :)