Wednesday, April 7, 2010

What's new pussycat?

So, it's day 7 of April and this is my first post of the month. That's like ... light-years ... in Lexy world. Not that any of you have been reading lately anyway. It's like it's spring and end of the semester and marriage season and you have better things to do than sit couped up reading boring crap from yours truly.

But, in case you were wondering, I spent a longish Easter weekend at home in Oregon. Delightful. Emphasis on the FUL part because let me tell you, I gained about eight pounds in three days. Not kidding. But kind of.

I ate a lot of pork and potatoes and eggs (apparently that's my sister Zoey's favorite combination, eg. bbq'ed hot dogs, potato salad (with hard boiled eggs), potato chips and pork and beans OR bacon, fried potatoes, over-easy eggs OR potato salad (with hard boiled eggs) and ham. We had all three of those combos as meals over the weekend.

Apart from eating, I also enjoyed dying eggs, finding eggs and baskets and watching conference. Mom, Zoey and I also made it out to an estate sale and some yard sales on Saturday morning. I acquired a cool old gallon thermos (not pictured) to put in my trailer.

Which, speaking of, I got my first tete-a-tete with my Carolina. I spent many hours Saturday cleaning her out. What a freaking task! Whew. We're talking loads of mouse crap, dust up the wazzoo and too many hornet's nests to count.

Riley helped me do a lot of pre-liminary wiping down on Sunday, too. Now I can move on to fixing the roof, fixing some water damage inside, painting and re-doing the floor.

Monday I had an in person job interview in Pendleton that went really well. Basically, I just have to pass my background check. It was too windy and cold to do much work on the trailer that day. But, Tuesday morning, after seeing the kids off to school I took an hour and caulked around some windows. Good thing Mom put caulking stuff in my Easter basket. I'm definitely going to be needing a lot of it.


In progress:

Then, I drove home in an 80s something Chevy Cheyenne. I wore a plaid shirt, too. Hank and I made it back to Provo just fine. Thank goodness.

This morning I made my first trip ever to Lowe's. Wow. Loved it. Picked up supplies for to work on the trailer some more next week. Including peel and stick wood vinyl for the floor (thanks Steph for the idea) and roof repair materials (the roof isn't in great shape). Once I get the roof repairs done, it's on to painting! And I couldn't be more anxious!

(got this apron for 77 cents!)

Unfortunately I have to wrap up my classes and work and pack ALL my stuff before I can get back to the paradise that is Oregon. Luckily I've already reserved my trusty home teachers to come help me put such items and book cases and chairs in the truck.

Later gator.


leah marie said...

I miss you. and I will envy your home improvement-ness this summer. but not as much as I will be missing you! boo.


Sherri said...

Carolina will look stunning when you're finished dressing her up. It's like you're Cinderella's fairy godmother. Anywhoo... I picked up the welcome mat for you (remember the photo I emailed) and will mail it later this month. I'm on business travel in CO and won't be home until Friday, thus the delay. Have fun nesting.