Sunday, August 15, 2010

A night at the county fair

Writer's Note: This post is dedicated to Sir Chris Ledoux.

 Eric and I took his sisters, Anna (9) and Holly (15) to the County Fair.

Aside from having the sun soak every ounce of energy and pizazz out of us, we had a fun time taking in the sites, sounds and scents of Smalltown, USA.

We ended the night taking in a little Uncle Kracker concert - where Zoey and her two friends met up with us. It was all the girls' first concert and it was a pretty decent concert for a county fair. And can I just say I've never seen sooooo many people and an Eastern Oregon festivity such as this.

 (this particular shot wasn't exactly planned, but I really like it. 
Thanks Anna, for catching it!)

Well there’s a full moon in the western sky,
And there’s magic in the air.
Ain’t nothin’ I know of, can make you fall in love,
Like a night at the county fair.
 "County Fair" by Chris Ledoux

On a completely different topic....
My mom is facing some pretty serious health issues right now, and we don't have a lot of answers. And though I'm not one to normally ask (and my mom will probably give me a hard time for even asking, but), your prayers for our family would be much appreciated. Thanks.


Stephanie said...

I'll be at the temple next wednesday so I will put her name there. Then lots and lots of people can pray for her, too.

gingersnap said...

Lexie, I will add her to my prayer list--concerns me, because I think it has been awhile. Will we still see you next week in Camp Sherman? Can't wait---you gotta come---I'm going to try to bake a turkey in a trashcan!!?? I'll need everyones cheering on!! My best to your Mom....Ginger

Lexy said...

Thanks ladies!

And Ginger - yes, we will be there! I think we're ready for a mini-getaway!

Heather Lee said...

Awww I love all the baby animals! And I'm sending prayers to you and your family.