Tuesday, September 28, 2010

how old am i?

So, I was sitting in a meeting the other day and I started looking around the conference table and feeling very self-conscious about a padfolio I probably purchased my sophomore year of college.

Here it is.

Does that scream 23 year-old Communications Coordinator for the Pendleton Chamber of Commerce to you?

I think it screams, "I'm 12, teehee, just try to take me seriously!!!"
Seriously, velcro???!!! Can I tie my shoes yet?
So, I didn't even take it up to a lunch meeting with the Economic Development & Governmental Affairs committee last Friday.

I need to find me something great and professional, but still me. Something like this.
Any donations or gifts would be gladly accepted. And I have yet to purchase the bag mentioned here. Talk about self-control! 

Oh, how I long to look the part...

1 comment:

Can do mom said...

You're a work in progress. It's okay. Actually, we're ALL works in progress! It takes time.

I agree that looking professional is important, but so is the brain behind the portfolio and you've got a BIG brain to back up your not so impressive (at the moment) portfolio.

Keep your eyes open and you'll find a portfolio that is better suited to your new professional image. Happy hunting!