Wednesday, November 17, 2010

girls just wanna have fun

and we certainly did.
i highly recommend bachelorette-partying it up to all betrothed women.
thanks to teresa and her much planning and implementing. i felt so spoiled.
and thanks to all the ladies who took time out and came out to offer their support in the last days of my singlewomanhood.
The girls: Teresa, Elizabeth, Ellen, Brittany, Moi, Morgan and Zoey. Cute! 
And yes, I gladly wore this allllll evening! 


Uncle Jonah said...

Just so you, know, I actually do read your blog!!! You say you will refuse to give me information, but I know that you will eventually (especially since I need to know in order to send you a wedding gift).

Have a good weekend!

Uncle Jonah said...

I understand if it takes you a couple of weeks to get that info to me since you kind of have a busy weekend.

Heather Lee said...

Happy Wedding day Lexy!! (I just got this in under the wire. ^_^) Congratulations!!