Sunday, June 24, 2012

The Great Adventure Week Uno

Wow, a lot has happened in one week. I will let the photos tell you about it. 

Ella read a book during our long road trip to Utah on Saturday.
Monday I took the little fam to the BYU campus where I finally got my name changed, a new ID card and spent too much money on textbooks. We also bought BYU apparel for everyone, finally!

Then we went to J Dawgs - a fairly new, yet none-the-less classic staple of BYU & Provo.
I'm talking hot dogs people. 

On Wednesday Ella met Kate and her future playdate (Kate's expecting a little boy in November). 

On Friday we went to Hogle Zoo.
Eric the Elephant. Jk.

Little El looked a bit like a little boy, but sooo cute in her little sun hat and newly acquired BYU shirt. 


Female homosapiens. 


Look Ma! No glass! 

Kissing bears.

The grizzlies seemed pretty jaded by humans.

So squishy!!!!

Giraffes. Eric was pretty excited.

Our little pooped pooper.

Gorilla paws. 

These gorillas were so funny. They were teasing each other and when they came close to the viewing area all they would show us was their bums. 

It kind of looks like I might not be wearing any pants.
I'll led you decide. 

Elephant encounter.

Cougars at the zoo.

We were invited by the Potters to go to a rodeo on Saturday.

Ella loved her some cowboys.

Kara loved her some Ella.

The Pots.

At the end there was a fireworks show. Ella wasn't the least bit scared.
She was captivated. Pyro in the making? 

Love this baby! 

And thus concludes week one! 

*Not pictured: Commutes via car to Provo. Commutes via Traxx to downtown SLC. Long hours in classes. Dying of heat stroke. Sunday drive up Cottonwood Canyon. Semi-successful trip to DI. Pedicures with KB. Missing our fams! 

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