Friday, June 15, 2012


The eve of my birthday found Riley and I off getting manicures. 
Even my hands look a quarter of a century old.

 This is Ella eating carrots for the first time. She loved 'em.

On my birthday day, Zoey and I hit up the mini-golf course. 

I'm sure after seeing the below photo, you're surprised to learn that Zoey kicked my trash. 

Not pictured - a rousing game of laser tag with all my bros and hos sisters. Boys vs. girls. Again, I was on the losing team - but only by two points! 

That evening we had kabobs on the barbie. 

 The two princes of BBQ.

Kabob Squarepants.

Riley seems skeptical, but she liked it.

Ella mostly enjoyed the grass.

Uncle Eli loves his little niece. She loves the grass.

Part of my birthday gift from Eric was that he shaved his face and left a goatee. 
What was the other part?? 
A Nook Tablet (not pictured)!!!

Square cupcakes! 

One big candle. 

Ella loves Morgan. But really she had been up for hours and hours (she hates naps I guess) and thus she turned into a baby zombie. 

My gift from my mother. Can you see her potential? 

It was great. Now onto the next phase of the adventure - UTAH! 

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HollBurd said...

Happy birthday grandma hands! Have fun in Utah. If you're up for a baby blessing we'll be blessing the little miss on the 8th of July in Fruit Heights. Peace out kids and safe travels.