Sunday, September 9, 2012

Baby Face & Peach Fuzz

Contrary to what the title of this post would indicate, this is not a post about Mr. Lougee ;-)

This is a post to show you some pretty big achievements in my journey toward becoming a domestic goddess. 

We bought a box of peaches at the Farmer's Market on Tuesday. 
On Wednesday I canned 7 quarts - my first time ever canning (aside from helping my mom with raspberry jam when I was like seven). 
On Thursday I made a peach cobbler, from scratch. And it was remarkably good. 

Wish I earned some badges I could stitch onto something ..... 

Eric made this collage with an app on his new iPAD. 

In other news, my baby turns 8 months old tomorrow. To celebrate, she got her first little tooth poked through the gums this week and one more about to peak out at any second. We also gave her some bread pieces, licks of a fudge bar and her room is almost finally put together! What a lucky girl. 

What else can I tell you about this girl? 
She doesn't crawl yet, though she can scoot backwards when she's throwing a fit. 
She's started to pull herself up and around things, but not a lot. 
She likes to snuggle with mom and get hyper with dad. 
She loves riding in her stroller on walks (I guess I should do that more). 
She hates when we leave the room or even indicate that we might be leaving the room. 
Her favorite place to do the deuce (#2) is in her exersaucer/bouncer. 
She used to loved peas, but now won't eat them. 
New nicknames: Snugglesaurus, Boo boo, Baby Bear (thanks to her growling) 

Eric and I were talking about a week ago and we both commented that we didn't know that a baby so young could have so much silliness. 
She is so much fun to have in our lives. 
Wouldn't trade her for the world! 
(or sleeping in....) 

Squish squish squish. 

Such a sweetie.


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