Sunday, October 7, 2012

Pumpkin Patch Doll

While helping out at Shabulous (see Facebook for more pictures and details) yesterday, Ella got to go to her first pumpkin patch. She also got to ride a donkey! What a kid. 

I also have to say, we had such a fun day! We (Eric and I) mainly worked in the "soup kitchen" selling delicious, warm bowls of soup with my sister Riley and brother Eli. I was a little worried about how well Miss El would do, but she did great! She loved seeing all the people and things - and she loved just being outside. She also took an excellent two hour long nap in my Uncle's den in his shop and woke up so happy for the next several hours. 

Here are some photos. 

This was early in the morning before people got there, a bit warmer attire, too. 
In the afternoon.

Big, medium, small. 

This picture is out of order (as the different outfit suggests), but our Stake President and his wife brought some donkeys and were giving free rides. Ella loved the pony's hair. 

Hay fever? 
One of the best things about parenthood is getting to experience the little things in life again. You get to share in your kids' new experiences, while still holding the "wisdom" of age to appreciate these moments. Love it. 

And you could also check out our pumpkin patch excursion from 2010, apparently I can only come up with one title for this type of blog post. 


Katelyn said...

Oh my gosh her little denim jacket is so cute! Ella owned that pumpkin patch!

HollBurd said...

Azalea misses Ella.