Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Miss Mabel Update

Not sure why I spelled Miss Mabel like table in my last post. I think my husband did and then it just go imprinted on my brain. For the record she is Mabel. 

I thought inquiring minds might be looking for an update. 

I ended up taking out the rear window and replacing all of the screws.
I then used silicone caulk to seal all the edges. 
The linoleum flooring has all been taken out.
Very happy to see solid wood in GREAT shape underneath.
Cut new wood and reframed the rear window. 
Patching up corners that have wear and tear and slight water damage.
This means using bondo and then sanding down after it hardens.
Bondo is usually used to fill and repair dents in cars. Saw this trick here.
More bondo and sanding in the front. As the guy at the my favorite DIY trailer rehab site says, "These tricks are not inferior. Using bondo to fill holes is as solid as the original wood."
One small piece of paneling wasn't worth trying to fix.
I think the leaking has been stopped and we'll replace this when we cut paneling for the back and ceiling. 
The vent is in bad shape. After much discussion the husband and I had decided to just take that whole paneling down (assuming the wood was all rotted). As I began demolition, it became very clear that two of the small framing boards needed replaced, but most of the paneling and the long frame boards were still in good shape. I've made the executive decision to just replace a small portion of paneling and frame off the edges with some kind of simple molding. It's going to be far less work than getting that panel off and taking out the upper cupboards.
By the way, a new vent has been ordered, so this sub-project is on hold until that gets here. 
During ceiling demo I damaged the top veneer of the paneling.
After sanding down and once there's new paint up there, I think it will be very had to notice. 
She needs an exterior wipe down a paint job! But that won't come for awhile. 
I've also been sanding and stripping the interior of the door. It could probably be replaced, but remember, I'm working on a poor girls' budget. New paint, the handle fixed and a door protector at the bottom will do me just fine. 
I look good! Protective eyewear on my head, no make up on, it's hot. 
My work bench. Notice the Diet Pepsi?
We've also been working on cleaning and shining up the aluminum back splash a bit.
Mainly that's been the husby's little project. 
I took the original lights out and we'll be working on electrical this weekend.
Fingers crossed that these two amateurs can hack it! Once that is done, we can put in the new rear paneling! 
Another sub-project I will be working on soon is the original ice box.
It's got a bad case of rust on the lower shelf. 

As we've been working on this, it's become pretty apparent that the current layout was not the original layout. I'd even venture to guess that all the cupboards (but definitely the top ones) have been built more recently than the trailer itself.

Stay tuned for more progress!


Sarah said...

I'm really really impressed. I can't even imagine attempting any of the things you listed doing. That's awesome.

Sandra said...

Ya, what Sarah said, and now with all your experience I know who to call for help with my trailer projects!

Elizabeth said...

Love the updates! Is Eric helping you? How long do you think it will take to get it where you want it? I hope to stay the night in it this summer, no pressure! Jk. Great project!