Monday, April 1, 2013

Mable, Mable Set the Table

Well, here's a look at our newest venture in vintage campers.

Eric first saw it on craigslist and mentioned it nonchalantly thinking I wouldn't be interested. At the price listed and the canned ham shape, I was totally interested! While I love my "Carolina" she wasn't really my dream shape. I did all the work on her quick and dirty without really finding out how to do things and without worrying about wiring, etc. I've been wanting to try again!

Prime opportunity. We were in email discussions with the seller and then he sent us an email saying he had a "sale pending." We were bummed and a bit irritated, but we moved on.

The next day, my mother came over and asked me to print the picture accompanied with the listing. I thought it was weird, but I've done weirder for my mom, so I just did it. She wrote on the picture and handed it back to me. It said "Happy Early Birthday!"

That sneaky lady had bought it out from under us! Saturday late afternoon, Eric, Mom and I headed over to Pendleton to pick her up. I drove it over the mountain all by myself! It was a fun trip. And I'm so excited to get working!

It's a 1957.....Westerner? From what we can tell in our research - though it's smaller than any we've seen online. The paperwork from the title says 1957 Sport RT. The metal step says "glider." You know anything about it that you can share?

The back wall was a lot a little rougher than we'd anticipated. So I've been demoing it and getting it ready to replace the back board and do some waterproofing!

Next Steps:

  1. Finish removing back paneling. 
  2. Waterproof window.
  3. Patch holes in back metal.
  4. Re-wire tail lights. 
  5. Install new wood paneling. 

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