Monday, July 7, 2008

Scenes of Summer

The fourth was pretty great! Went up Mt. Harris with Morgan where we ate way too much and trespassed on the site of my future summer home. Then we floated the Grande Ronde from Perry down to Riverside Park. I almost drowned, but don't worry, I didn't. Then Rand and I went and ate some of my Ma's delicious BBQ, did some fireworks with the kids, hauled the kids to the Stadium for the show, and then came back where we did more fireworks and watched "Vantage Point" with my mom.

Saturday we went up to Wolf Creek to go jetskiing with my Uncle Mike and family. It was a blast! I hadn't made it up there in a couple summers. I jumped off the dock and immediately was nostalgic for summer days spent there jumping off the dock with Kylee. I got sun on my legs where I don't think I have in many moons....

Can't believe this is where I live!

Today was also a pleasant day. Church was nice, the potluck was tastey, and then Randy and I spent the afternoon on the Mt. Harris hillside.... Gotta love
summer, gotta love Eastern Oregon.

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