Tuesday, July 15, 2008

A Weekend At the Lake

Rand and I went camping up at Wallowa Lake Sunday and Monday. I thought I was leaving for Provo this week, and I had to work Friday night, thus the Sunday/Monday. Turns out I am staying in La Grande for the remainder of the summer, but it was a really nice retreat anyway.
We paddleboated on Sunday, as well as did stuff around the campfire, mainly eating and reading. Monday we packed up camp, walked around the main street area, held our own photoshoot in a wooded area, got some delicious lunch, did bumper boats (where I somehow ended up soaked), swam a bit, then kayaked out on the lake. We kayaked out to a dock and jumped off. It was intense! I felt so outdoorsy! Ha! We then headed back to town, slowly but surely. Stopping for huckleberry ice cream cones in Joseph, and some cheese stix in Wallowa. The drive up and back was beautiful, and the weather was excellent, great temps and blue skies.It was a swell little trip with a swell not so little guy...

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morgan said...

Im so jealous! I want to go camping with a boy...You look really happy lexy.