Friday, February 27, 2009

My life got flipped, turned up side down.

If any of you oldtimers who read this can name where my title comes from I'll personally send you Metamucil.

So I had my mandatory orientation meeting yesterday morning for my print program. At the meeting it was divulged that if you were interested in the New Media and Design track (to see some of what they do go here) then you needed to have the 2-3 prerequisite classes done before fall in order to begin taking classes in the track, because they have to be done in order. If that wasn't a possibility, you could just wait to begin taking the New Media classes for a year and work on GE's and the prerequisites in the meantime. Um, hello! I have been in college now for almost for years, I am not going to wait another year to start a four semester program!

So my options were these:

A.) Just go with the editorial track and begin taking classes in the fall.
B.) Switch to BYU-Idaho and do what I want, maybe.
C.) Take the prerequisites in the spring or summer and proceed with the New Media track come fall.

"A" wasn't the best option because I really love the idea of multimedia journalism. I started doing broadcast journalism in middle school as an anchor, editor, and the producer of WCTV (Wildcat Television). I then was a writer, anchor, and editor in for three years in high school doing TTV (Tiger Television). I loved it, but knew it wasn't quite the right fit. This, multimedia print journalism feels like a right fit. I get to use my writing as well as new and exciting stuff in technology and design. Plus, I think I'll be 100 percent more marketable in such an evolving industry with the skills I'll gain in this track.

"B" doesn't seem like the BESTY best option. BYU is the best place to build a rockin' portfolio. Our professors yesterday in the meeting said, "It isn't about the GPA so much now as it is building a great portfolio." I can get the experience here, I have the reputation of the institution permanently attached to me, if I stay here.

"C" seems like what I have to do. Especially if I want to graduate in a timelier fashion than 7 years. I only have 2 GEs left to take (math and biology, puke). That doesn't really fill up two semesters. The only problem is money. Tuition for spring or summer term is $1020. Plus housing, plus books, plus survival. The good news is that the spring/summer scholarship deadline passed about two weeks ago. Sweet. Also, the faculty encourages us to get Mac laptops (click photo to see what has been recommended to me) because that is the computer of our industry, especially if we want to keep up with the evolving world of journalism.

So, I'm S-T-R-E-S-S-E-D. First, I have to get into the track, which is competitive, but I've already met with the director of the track and think I have a good chance at getting in. Second, I have to pull thousands of dollars out of my pocket, or from behind my couch cushion.

My plan is to go home April 25th, and hopefully find some work until June 20th when summer term starts. I'll put whatever few scraps of dollars I can save toward tuition. Plus, I think I can get some financial aid for the term, it'll just decrease my fall financial aid award. But, I'll try and get a scholarship to help subsidize that. Also, try and get a job during the summer term to carry through the school year. Yesterday they told us that when we take Comms 321 ( an intensive, news reporting, prerequisite class, and one I'll take in the summer) not to date, get engaged, get married, and only take classes like basketweaving. So, hopefully only taking two classes while taking that will make it feasible.

Anyway, so, this changes a lot. And it isn't just as simple as taking summer classes, it has the potential for changing the course of my life. And I'm scared to death. I'm also extremely excited. I'm already loving what I'm doing as I vamp up my blogs and portfolio to submit with the New Media track application.

Unless I find some mad love in the two months I'll be home, or die ( knock on wood ;-)), there's the plan. Stan. Now...back to being stressed.

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Carly Carlson said...

good luck lexy. it seems like these "what am i supposed to do now?" phases always end in something BIG and unexpected... ... so just go with the flow.
thanks for all your input on my silly logo. :)

xx carly