Thursday, February 5, 2009

A Piece of Me

Instead of reading Locke's philosophy on modern politics, I think I'll post.

Last weekend ended up being busy and exhausting. I went bowling and to IHop on Thursday, getting home in the wee hours of the night. Friday I went up to SLC with Kara for some big city fun, and then that night I had a double date. It was fun but I didn't get home until 1am. Then I chatted with the roomies before I had to clean such fun things as the toilet and shower for Saturday morning's clean checks. Saturday night I had a date like activity with the same guy I went bowling with on Thursday. Again I didn't get home and into bed until 3am. With church at 9am, it as a harsh weekend.

Went skiing yesterday for a few hours. Glorious! Except I always make myself carsick on the way up there which never bodes well for lift riding and swift skiing. Then last night there was a debate between the College Republicans and College Democrats (yes, we have those at BYU) about the pending closure of Guantanamo Bay's military prison. It should of been an easy win for Republicans, but we were struggling. I was able to ask the last question for the Democrats. And I burnt em good! Left um fumblin.

Today is my busiest day of classes with three classes, one starting at 9am (brutal) and my last one not ending until 4:15pm. I hope to hit the gym right after class so as to miss the 5pm gym rush (give up your resolutions people, it's irritating!). Then I may or may not go bowling again tonight.

Tomorrow the girls (aka all of us roomies) were planning to hit up a matinee of "He's Just Not That Into You." But, now Neisah is going to Idaho Falls, and Kate to Rexburg, so it may just be Kara and I. I also have to take a midterm in the morning after my class and start my first big paper for my political philosphy class which I have to have done before I head home to Oregon for the long break.

Saturday I am going up to SLC to see my old friends Melanie and Chelsea. We went to school together in Idaho. They're both graduated and working up there, and Chelsea just bought a house. I'm excited to see them...we always get some great dinner and have fun catching up.

I love this song.... Makes me feel like summer inside....

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